Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More Christmas In Review...

Okay, here are my last Christmas photos, but there are many many more out there. Particularly of Christmas celebrations, during which I'm often working in the kitchen and thankfully someone else is snapping pictures of the rest of the family. So, if you're one of those people, and you have some great shots of family Christmas, please email them to me so I can post them for the rest of us (and the world, ha) to see. And, I can just have them to enjoy too. :)

this easel was the first gift libby saw on Christmas morning.
when she came out into the den it was waiting for her, treeside, with
one of her previously painted masterpieces on display. she was thrilled!

yes, she really does love it. and so do I. (equally important.)

easily, this nalgene bottle was xander's favorite gift. when he pulled it from his stocking,
his eyes lit up and he did his characteristic xander wiggle of glee, and threw in some squeals for good measure. apparently, he has had his eye on libby's (pink one) and his very own big boy nalgene was just what he had wanted for Christmas. And yes, I was still half asleep. It was morning. Give me a break.

X's stocking also contained nutrigrain bars. So, someone was thinking practically
(breakfast) when she stuffed stockings. Unfortunately, they're one of the messiest
breakfast treats we could have offered him...

daddy and libby begin to set up xander's train set

too bad for wrappings in the foreground.
barns is enjoying his big bone in front of the fire.

my hubbs is such a cutie. i love this picture of him all messy haired
and watching his kids play so happily on Christmas morning. plus, what
a nice sweater. yowza!

libby painted her first picture on the easel.

opening gifts at grandma anna's.
i love how excited they are to find out what could be peeking out of this one.

my babe. love him.

i don't know what she was whispering to grandpa larry here,
but it sure it cute. libby is really into secrets these days.
mama, i want to tell you something as a secret. . .

zoo lights. fun idea, fun times.
we made it the night before they ended it
for the season and enjoyed seeing light displays of
alligators, polar bears, butterflies,
monkeys swinging through trees... you get the idea.
thanks, brett, for taking the pic and sacrificing having your own
cold pink nose and smiling face in this family shot!

remember Libby's painted pottery? (see November 08 Tgiving in Chicago.)
welll, Aunt Lucy and Uncle Dan came bearing gifts!
She was so excited to see it after waiting a few weeks,
and of course it looks even better than it did before it was fired and glazed!
What a treat! (the girl takes after her mama with her love for polka dots...
painted on the mug and sporting them on her shirt. love it.)

A family photo taken Monday night at our 5th and final Christmas celebration. Brian looks like he has a dream, and poor Xander looks absolutely miserable. But, I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that despite the way he must have felt, he was as sweet as ever. I wonder how many times he heard empathetic "awwwwwww" echo around the room every time he giggled or smiled or did something sweet wearing that bruised and battered face!

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