Sunday, October 23, 2005

what a blessing little libby is!
the past couple weeks have been some of our most fun.
libby is shuffling around furniture and walking with assistance
and getting into EVERYTHING.
at the same time she's developing a sense of humor
and sharing with us her adorable giggle.
she thinks her parents are just hilarious,
and is incredibly ticklish, especially by kisses on her tummy.
book your tickets now and come visit her! you'll be glad you did.
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mama tickles libby and you can juuuust barely see her 4-toothy-grin
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libby gets a smooch from mama
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libby gets into the spirit of kisses
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daddy's girls
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this little duckie has her four front teeth - these two are new!
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some of you may recognize this -- it's Aunt Emily's duckie towel!
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after a quick survey of her toys libby abandons them -- where to?
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mama, I'd rather read.
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Libby gets so excited by her books she nearly climbs onto the shelf.
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I LOVE BOOKS! the stories are great, and the paper tastes even better.
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and when i finally finish with the books i head over to mama's recipe card box for more fun involving anything but toys.
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is there anything i can't get into? even cookbooks are here for the taking.
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take a look at me, my top teeth are coming in.
my right tooth today, my left tooth tomorrow!
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peek at mama!
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Now I'm standing, but see what I do next...

See how carefully I sit myself down? I hold on with one hand until I touch the floor with the other. When it's safe, I let go and sit down! I make mama so proud; she doesn't have to worry about me! Posted by Picasa
One of Libby's favorite hobbies - investigating. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm standing on my own 2 feet! Posted by Picasa

libby is a professional stander. she can scurry from one thing to another, then makes a game of standing, sitting, standing, sitting. she becomes quite confident in herself, holding on with just one hand - and a moment later trying with no hands! her record is 3.54 seconds with no hands.  Posted by Picasa

libby's baby einsten can be fun even on the outside! Posted by Picasa

libby likes the view of the living room from her standing vantage point Posted by Picasa

i've got chubby cheeks, beautiful eyes and long bangs. Posted by Picasa

happy libby Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 03, 2005

she's our pumpkin patch kid Posted by Picasa

hi folks! it's time for apple festival at carter mountain and libby was in the mood to pick apples on saturday. here, she poses as a very hungry caterpiller. Posted by Picasa