Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Want to Color with Me?

Sadly, Libby did not obey mama while we worked together on a delicious dessert this afternoon. The temptation was too strong, and she couldn't keep her finger out of the tastiness. As she reached in, dipped, and brought her gooey finger to her mouth, mama chanted, "no libby, no...". SO, as punishment, she wasn't able to help me with the rest of the dessert, which included spreading a chocolatey topping. She stood and watched me, a little disheartened.

When the dessert was finished she confirmed that though she couldn't sample now, she could have some tonight after dinner, riiiight? Yes. Okay.

Then mama, wanna color with me? Will you color with me? Do you want to? Please? THAT will help me take my mind off the dessert....

I couldn't resist. :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Going to Color Now

Yesterday morning, Libby woke up and crept out to the kitchen. The sleep hadn't yet worn off and though I used my most chipper voice and welcomed her to the morning, she could only grin and squint her eyes. I finally asked her the same question we ask every morning, "how did you sleep?" Her response as she climbed up to the kitchen table, "Pretty well. I'm going to color now." And with that her day had begun. Folks, this girl loves to color. By mid-afternoon she was still wearing jammies (we were staying in all day, why not?) and had colored up such a storm that I interrupted her play-doh session to pose her in front of the sofa with just some of the pictures she has colored in the past week. Yes, some, yes, in a week. This compilation does not include all the pictures she has given away, such as those sent to Aunt Brett in thanks for babysitting while we were on vacation. Brett, how many pictures were in the gift bag, no less than 10? In fact, to drive the point home, Aunt Brett bought Libby some new crayons while we were gone because it had become time to replace crayons that she had used up. Have you ever heard of a kid using up an entire crayon? Not breaking it or losing it, but using it all up (she uses the twisty kind) and needing it replaced.

As you can see from the sofa display, some of her masterpieces remain in the coloring books, some of them are torn out and prented to mama or daddy, and many of them get cut out, scrapbook style. Also, you can't see in the picture, but immediately behind her to the left are her play-doh creations of the day, and behind her to the right are two pictures that she painted after lunch. This girl loves her arts and crafts.

Vacation... without the kiddos

Hundreds of pictures. We have hundreds of pictures from our vacation with our dear friends Nick and Brittany. We headed west, boarded the Monarch of the Seas and toured the Pacific, and the coast, and came running home to hug our babies. It was our first real vacation without little ones in tow, with the exception of the weekend we spent in Kansas City without Libby over a year ago. This was a 6 day journey and we enjoyed almost every moment of it. (yes, it's the car accident I'm referring to here.)

Here are a few pictures and I'll post more as time allows...

Rodeo Drive

yes, we had fun. care free, we frolicked on Long Beach after the sun went down.

one of our silly moments posing for the Royal Caribbean photographers, who followed us (and every other passenger) seemingly everywhere...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Aunt Em Turns 9

Not so long ago, a young girl met a young boy and they fell in love... fast forward a few years, and that couple has a son who heads off to college. Soon, college boy meets college girl, and they fall in love. College boy takes college girl to meet his family, and college boy has a baby sister. College girl falls in love with baby sister too, she's only 4 months old when they first meet. Fast forward again. Baby sister has turned 9 and college boy and college girl have 2 kids who were invited to the party. Here's how it all went down. . .

Grandpa Larry took Libby for a spin in his oh-so-fast car.

the girls drank plenty of blue slushie. libby and xander and i did not.

xander met little josh, who is actually big josh, who was born the same day as xander.

xander stayed up way past his bedtime, but was a real trooper. grandpa larry kept him happy.

hannah montana made a guest appearance. actually, she made quite a few.

"i tell ya mom, i'm not a very good golfer."

i pose with none other than hannah. we share the same initials.

cake on their faces and they still look adorable.

xander bids josh farewell.

libby eats more dinner (you're right, that's cake).

aunt sarah helped libby learn her go huskers pose.




"I really liked it when I jumped in the bouncy thing like the big girls. I jumped reeeeeally high. I was pretty proud of myself!"

Portrait of a Barns

Almost 2 years ago we started shopping around for a puppy to bring home for Christmas. I had plenty of dos and don'ts, a list a mile long of what i would and would not allow a dog to bring to this family. The top three criteria were: must be a perfect angel with kids, NO shedding, not too big.

Well, i got 2 of my wishes. Most of you have seen him, and it doesn't take long to realize that he's a big dog (all 62 pounds of him). But he's the sweetest and lovingest pal to the kids. He will do anything for Libby (he obeys every one of her commands on first call, eagerly... it might be because she's quite generous with the treats), adores Xander and loves to be hugged/tackled by the little man, and lives for Xander's mealtime which allows him to eat food thrown to the floor for his benefit and then an extra course after Xander is removed from his seat and "shaken down." And, he doesn't shed. Plus, if you haven't noticed, he's very very cute. So, we'll keep him. :)

Horse and Pony Show

Weeks ago, it's been weeks, Emiliana and Isaac joined us for another day of play, and we had another fabulous time. Mama had the delight of watching the three big kids interact (and intervening now and then) and the kids had the pleasure of a beautiful day at the "Kennedy Ranch."

Isaac, Libby and Emiliana scale the fence for a better view.

Libby sits. She had no interest in riding, it is too dangerous. BUT, she was easily convinced that she should consider posing for a picture so daddy could see her on the horse.

Michele showed us a good time. I wish I could remember the horse's name... it's something like Lightning, or Reflex, or something... anyone remember?

Emiliana poses so mommy can see.

Libby loved petting the horse's muzzle. Is that the right word? It's velvety soft, we were both impressed with this fact. She would have been happy to stand and rub him all morning long.

No, those are not riding boots. So, who can blame her if she didn't wanna go for a little trot?
Isaac on a ride.

Time to put Twitch (again, not right...) away. Libby, Isaac, Kate, Jack and Emiliana got to rub him and give him a treat. He has aggressive lips.

As an added bonsu, here's a picture of the kiddos playing on the swings during another day-o-fun. No, we don't have a horse in our backyard, but the swings, slide, and picnic lunch seemed to satisfy. :)