Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Daddy just taught Libby how to put a liner in the trash can, and she was pretty thrilled. She got to take the bag and flap it in the air, then put it in the can.... you know. Anyway, she just said in her most genuine lovable tone,
"Thanks Dad! You taught me all about garbage."

But on a more serious note, daddy is an incredible teacher. He does such a great job of taking time to teach Libby processes and details. The first example that comes to mind is daddy's explanation of the process of taking off and putting on clothes (she remembered every detail and dressed herself from that day forward, and she was barely 3 when they went over it). Thanks daddy, for loving your babies so.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Lives Lately

It seems that lately we've been on the go-go-go. It's good for me to get out of the house, and the kiddos seem to enjoy our outings just fine. :) Here's some of what's been going on in our lives.

Savannah and Libby couldn't be fancier as they head to a Fancy Nancy birthday party.
They had such a great time.

Xander enjoys his first ice cream cone. This picture totally missed the delight he was showing
when I handed it to him. This is his "mmmmmm." I think he'll never be the same.

Miss Maren knows how to smile for the camera,
and the ice cream doesn't hurt.

This is how the big kids show that they love ice cream.
Poor Hudson and Libby had to eat a good lunch of grilled cheese before
they were allowed the treat.

When Pichie and Andrea visited, I didn't get pics of all the kiddos,
but when Elijah and Xander loved one another like brothers, I had to grab the camera.

So, we went to the zoo this morning, and as we waited for Aunt Sarah we peeked in a window at baby reptiles and Libby asked, "Do you think they have any baby alligators?" I told her I didn't know, but I didn't see any, and suddenly the empty tank next to the turtles we were watching was filled with water and a fearless man dropped 6 baby alligators in right before our eyes. We were amazed that they had no interest in biting him as he filled their tank with rocks and plants, but instead they swam around watching us until we left. They were pretty cute, as far as alligators go.

We sat at a table and had lunch right here. Then we walked through the cat complex
and when we came back around the tiger was perched up right above the table. We were kind of glad he didn't do it while we were eating, we would have been a little startled. :)

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do, yah..

So, baked ziti for dinner and Xander couldn't have loved it more. These pictures are based upon a true story and are not for the faint of heart (Jaime, I know you're squirming...)

My favorite thing about Xander's totally disgusting face,
is that it looks like I painted sauce on him.
His nose in particular, looks perfectly messy. In fact, I would NEVER do such a thing.
A mess like this makes me weak in the knees. Though, I'll confess,
I don't do much to avoid it. I feed my kids baked ziti, afterall.

Feeling a bit neglected as I snapped pictures of her messy brother,
mostly clean Libby requested that I take
a picture of her silly face.
Have I mentioned that she loves making silly faces?

And yet, somehow, I didn't see this coming.
Monkey See Monkey Do. Yowza.

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Happy Vday my little love :)

Not so long ago, I made a fleece hat for Libby, and she loved it. Then she lost it. Then, I made a fleece hat for Xander, and Libby was reminded of her long lost hat/love. She asked me if I would make her another hat, with a tree and a bird and flowers sewn on it. I thought that might be tricky. So, instead, I decided to surprise her with a pillowcase with her "dream scene" and gave it to her for Valentine's Day. She was thrilled. This is her best pose with it, I guess it's just so cuddly.... :) (actually, it kind of is, the top is flannel and the bottom, and the birdy, are purple polky minky. oh, and i trimmed off the end with pom-poms, because they're the best.)

Happy Valentine's Day My Little Love

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Sneaky Sneaky

Hmmm, where's Xander? In the den, back to the kitchen, dum-dum in hand, and in mouth. Sneaky, sneaky.

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Sneaky Sneaky

Hmmmm, where's Xander? Hiding on the loveseat, bag-o-candy in hand, and in mouth... sneaky, sneaky.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From the Eye of Uncle Jon

Party day just doesn't lend itself to freedom to photograph, when you're the mama throwing the party. What a blessing it was to celebrate on Saturday, when Daddy could join us, and Grandpa and Grandma and Aunts Sarah and Emily and Uncle Jon. I really really appreciated having all the extra help. I did the best I could to document the festivities, but Uncle Jon took several more, and here are some fragments in time that he captured from behind his lens.

I can't help but comment... I mean, that's just what I do, right? And after all, it is a blog. So here's my comment on this pic. I love that Xander's curious and getting in on the action. He doesn't really know the joy of receiving gifts, nor does he care for princesses, but he knew in his heart of hearts, there was a reason all kiddos gathered around his big sister at this moment. Let me see!

Clearly, Uncle Jon didn't take this picture. Thanks to whoever did. :)

Now, from what I could gather, Maren didn't necessarily appreciate the dual ride on the elephant, and Xander didn't necessarily have a clue.

a princess moment

love those hands

here's full frontal of the cake.

and the table, fit for a king. even though i toppled the tulips and broke the pretty pink vase moments before the royal guests arrived. . .

And now these photos are not from Libby's birthday party, and in fact they're mostly from Thanksgiving/Christmas. Quite some time ago indeed. But we found them on Jon's camera and nabbed them for their greatness.

Em and Libbs sharing giggle time with dad/grandpa.

two silly libby faces. the girl loves to make silly faces. i like that about her.

and a natural sweet face

look how X has grown since thanksgiving. but doesn't he look dapper in his little sweater and cords?

and this is totally xander. drinking milk or sucking his thumb, and rubbing his belly. right on the button. cute as a button.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Turns FOUR!

It's official, my baby is 4. Unbelievable! Thursday, March 5 was the big day, and after Libby woke to a balloon and streamer filled bedroom, we celebrated with donuts for breakfast, later, dinner out with Aunt Brett, followed by presents. I was told she would never forget it, it was the best day of her life. Though she hasn't corrected herself, I have to think Saturday trumped the birthday, since we partied with the best of them and had a fantastic time.

It was a princess and butterfly party, and Libby invited royalty from across the land to come celebrate with her. The ladies wore their finest princess party attire, and the prince was here to charm them.

I posted a handful of pictures in reverse order, starting with birthday and ending with Saturday's party. I have more great pics of the birthday girl, and if I find time, I'll post them for you as well. :) Could I be more noncommittal?

xander. love him.

after the party, uncle jon plays prince for aunt em and libby

her royal friends sing happy birthday to libby

another shot with the cake because she's just so cute. she really did love her cake, and her party in general. i've been thanked no less than 10 times since the big event. which is pretty sweet. :)

you might notice the kids eating "fruit on sticks." that was a must-have, according to the bday girl, after she first experienced such exquisite dining at her friend Emiliana's party.

libby with her cake. there are a couple things in this picture that i love about libby. first, the way she posed with her foot up on the chair. second, the fact that she's holding her lovie. i love you so much elisabeth adelaide!

this is maybe the only picture i got with each and every party participant. not too shabby...

family photo with the birthday princess

butterflies make the birthday girl beam

"okay, now let's take one that shows our rings!" she was really thrilled that she and aunt brett had matching pink rings on that day. and, aunt brett saved the day when she went back to the restaurant to retrieve the ring which was accidentally left behind on a messy table...

taking a picture with aunt brett. notice the amazingly huge smile on my birthday girl's face. :)

xander loved his "byooh". in fact, he loved it so much that he wouldn't eat his dinner, because he'd rather devote all attention to his byooh.

enjoying her yummy birthday dessert

another freakishly huge smile :)