Monday, April 30, 2007

Morning at the Zoo

What a beautiful day! Beautiful, yet hot! It's 88 degrees today and mama thought it would be a nice morning to get out and go to the zoo with our friends Brittney and little Hudson. We had a great time in the jungle, the aquarium, and gorilla valley. Libby wanted to see piggies and Hudson wanted to see puppies, but alas, those were not in the works for today. Thankfully, neither little one seemed too disappointed by the parrots and fish and monkeys and gorillas and sharks and more that we saw. And, there are always the added bonus features, such as picnic lunch and new restrooms to explore! By the time we got home we were exhausted!

flashing a beautiful smile in front of a waterfall in the jungle.

tickling the toes of a little gorilla

posing next to the sleepy gorilla, after tickling his toes

Thursday, April 26, 2007

When did Libby turn 13?

The comment by Jaime was so appropriate - she looks like a teenager here with her hair dryer and comb. Mama simply wanted to dry her hair after the bath since we were going out to dinner with grandma - of course Libby insisted on doing it herself. I didn't mind because it provided me with this photo op.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Latest of Libby

What fun we are having with Libby! Of course that's nothing new, but shouldn't go unsaid. She is such an incredible little girl, we are so blessed by her! This little lady is talking and talking and talking and through her speech she entertains us, educates us, amazes us, and simply melts our hearts. Libby is an incredibly fast learner, and has a great memory. Needless to say, comments mumbled by mama are soon repeated and lessons we give her in "what is air" or "laws of traffic" are quickly grasped and recounted time and again. I'll list some of my latest favorite comments by Libby below, but you have to believe me, they're so much better when uttered from the little lady hersef.

"I have a baby in my tummy and I don't feel good."
"I have a baby in my tummy and it's getting SO big, like an airplane! Oh my goodness the baby is getting to big. Oh my goodness, goodness, goodness!"
"Hang on mama!" (she wanted me to wait for her as she put on her shoes)

This next conversation deserves to be set up. Every evening and afternoon as Libby gets tucked into bed, she requests that mama sing to or sing about God. So, we sing one song or another giving our praises to the Lord and lulling our little one to sleep. This evening she interrupted us:

"where's God?"
we explained that God was here with us, we just couldn't see him. but he is with us all the time!
"mama no see God. daddy no see God."
nope, we don't see him, but we know here is here.
(waving) "Hi God!"

of course we are always flattered by,
"love you so much mama/daddy."
"mom, love your pretty hair."
"good job mama!" (as i do housework)

Libby is now a full fledged backseat driver as well. In an effort to always educate my little one, I have explained traffic lights to Libby, and didn't realize she would begin to keep tabs on my driving. One afternoon, as I turned right at a red light Libby nearly panicked.
"Mom! Red means stop!!!!" of course this begged a lesson on right on red.
And, there is constant chatter, "green means go mama!"
"yellow light - caution! caution means be careful!"
"mama, be careful. don't bump into that car."

Well, I will leave it at that, but be assured I could go on for days. Libby's little personality is incredibly sweet and fun and she is a joy to be around. Thanks for stopping by to check in on her!
Libby takes a bath and decides it's time to sit and do some reading.

Daddy loans Libby his IPod and she enjoys listening to some good tunes.

Cutie pies

and look at this handsome man!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Hello Loved Ones!


Well, it's been a little while since our last posting, but please enjoy Libby's smiling face in the following pictures from our Easter Sunday back to our fun in daily life over the past couple of weeks. We hope you are doing well and would love to hear from you! Posted by Picasa

Easter Outtakes with Barnabas


It's been a while, but here are some recent photos of Barnabas. He is growing! And, he is growing into a more enjoyable dog by my standards, as he settles down more each day, and strives to master housebreaking. He recently graduated from his "manners and more" puppy training class; he has demonstrated his mastery of "sit" and "down" and his understanding and frequent obedience (still working) of "come", "leave it" and "drop it". He also "shakes" and gives the occassional "high five."

In the past couple of days we have noticed Barnabas mature into a much calmer dog (is he sick?!) and though he is not getting any smaller he decided within these same couple of days that he'd like to be a lapdog. These pictures show him on Brian's lap, a place Barnabas hasn't been since he was an 8 pound new baby, rather than a 30 pound 4-month-old. And to her chagrin, Barnabas doesn't sit in Libby's lap, but as you can see, they're still pals. She loves her puppy; regardless of her mood or what she's up to, when Barnabas enters a room she lights up and says in her sweetest voice, "hiiiii Ba-ba-bas" (sometimes several times, as she waits for his reply).

Libby has also demonstrated her capacity as big sister; Barnabas is providing her with some practice. This past week I called Barnabas to "come" and he continued to sit and look at me. Libby found this disobedience to be intolerable! She stood next to him and said, "Ba-ba-bas, go! Go to mama! Go! Okie, Libby help you." and proceeded to boost him up onto all 4s and give him a push in the right direction. He did come! And, today, as Aunt Wendy left the house after her morning babysitting, Libby and Barnabas watched from the front door. Libby waved and spoke to her pal, "Okie, Ba-ba-bas. Watch Aunt Weh-ee go bye-bye. Now wave! Blow kisses! Ba-ba-bas, you're not looking at Aunt Weh-ee! (she moves his head in the right direction) Now wave bye-bye Aunt Weh-ee! Blow kisses!" Posted by Picasa

Happy Easter!


Libby takes time out of her busy afternoon to pose for some family Easter photos. Posted by Picasa
On Sunday, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus by going to church, and then with Aunts Wendy and Sarah. They brought to our home many fun Easter treats for Libby to enjoy. After our brunch we had a little Easter egg hunt in the house, since it was barely 30 degrees outside. Libby didn't seem to mind the locale. We worked to keep her focused, and realized she would have been happy finding just 2 or 3 eggs. After each find she had to take the time to open each egg and discover what "yummy treats" (raisins, craisins, goldfish, stickers) her aunts had stuffed inside.

  Posted by Picasa

Libby and mama enjoyed decorating Easter eggs, which we didn't get to hide due to the 20 degree weather outside. But, we had a fun time decorating, and they made a nice Easter table centerpiece. Posted by Picasa
Recently, Daddy has helped Libby perfect some swimming techniques in the bath. Here she demonstrates her backfloat. Other skills she is working on include blowing bubbles, putting her face in the water, and sticking her head under the faucet of running water (one of her favorites). Something tells mama our time at the swimming pool will be quite memorable this summer.


As much fun as baths are, Libby knows when it's time to take a potty break. Here, she cheers for herself after getting the job done. Libby's recent potty successes have been so great that as of today, she is diaper free! Libby made the switch to undies and we're not looking back. She is doing fabulously! Posted by Picasa

A week ago today Libby and I enjoyed the 79 degree weather by making our first spring trip to the zoo. I didn't get any other pictures, but when Libby said to me, "oh libby SO happy!" I just had to get out the camera and capture her little face. Clearly, she has fun at the zoo. Posted by Picasa

One fine spring afternoon mama got off the phone with grandma and while standing at the kitchen sink, I looked up and who did I see outside on the deck? Libby. It was so beautiful out, I couldn't blame her. I started taking pictures and went to her and asked, "what are you doing, Libby?" She replied, "I'm play outside!" Posted by Picasa

Libby proudly shows her handiwork as she does one of her favorite hobbies: playing in water. Here, she is washing the dishes (and threw some bathtoys in for good measure). Posted by Picasa