Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Latest of Libby

What fun we are having with Libby! Of course that's nothing new, but shouldn't go unsaid. She is such an incredible little girl, we are so blessed by her! This little lady is talking and talking and talking and through her speech she entertains us, educates us, amazes us, and simply melts our hearts. Libby is an incredibly fast learner, and has a great memory. Needless to say, comments mumbled by mama are soon repeated and lessons we give her in "what is air" or "laws of traffic" are quickly grasped and recounted time and again. I'll list some of my latest favorite comments by Libby below, but you have to believe me, they're so much better when uttered from the little lady hersef.

"I have a baby in my tummy and I don't feel good."
"I have a baby in my tummy and it's getting SO big, like an airplane! Oh my goodness the baby is getting to big. Oh my goodness, goodness, goodness!"
"Hang on mama!" (she wanted me to wait for her as she put on her shoes)

This next conversation deserves to be set up. Every evening and afternoon as Libby gets tucked into bed, she requests that mama sing to or sing about God. So, we sing one song or another giving our praises to the Lord and lulling our little one to sleep. This evening she interrupted us:

"where's God?"
we explained that God was here with us, we just couldn't see him. but he is with us all the time!
"mama no see God. daddy no see God."
nope, we don't see him, but we know here is here.
(waving) "Hi God!"

of course we are always flattered by,
"love you so much mama/daddy."
"mom, love your pretty hair."
"good job mama!" (as i do housework)

Libby is now a full fledged backseat driver as well. In an effort to always educate my little one, I have explained traffic lights to Libby, and didn't realize she would begin to keep tabs on my driving. One afternoon, as I turned right at a red light Libby nearly panicked.
"Mom! Red means stop!!!!" of course this begged a lesson on right on red.
And, there is constant chatter, "green means go mama!"
"yellow light - caution! caution means be careful!"
"mama, be careful. don't bump into that car."

Well, I will leave it at that, but be assured I could go on for days. Libby's little personality is incredibly sweet and fun and she is a joy to be around. Thanks for stopping by to check in on her!

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Lucy said...

I can't see the pictures... panic... I need to see pictures!! Help!!

Also, have you ever thought it was weird that they ask for "word verification" when it's never really a word? At the moment, I have to type "gwunrwdx" below - I'd like to see someone come up with a definition for that word!

Libs is adorable - can't wait to see you guys soon!!