Monday, August 22, 2005

Today was daddy's first day of summer vacation! He has this week off and we're taking advantage of his time. This afternoon we hiked to St. Mary's Glacier.  Posted by Picasa

we're ready to go! Posted by Picasa

we're ready to go! Posted by Picasa

our new favorite family photo - the scenery was beautiful at St. Mary's. Posted by Picasa

libby wanted a picture of "just her." Posted by Picasa

daddy and libby looking so sweet Posted by Picasa

libby sucks her bottom lip, a habit she has developed since growing her first tooth. good thing she looks adorable doing it.  Posted by Picasa

the girls rest on a tree stump Posted by Picasa

another pose in front of the lake Posted by Picasa

Smile for daddy on the way back down the mountain. We've had a fun time, but we're getting chilly and tired.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

brace yourselves folks, there are dangerously cute photos below.  Posted by Picasa

i'm such a charmer Posted by Picasa
so maybe my hair gets a little messy. i nap several times a day with my head up against my crib bumper. what do you expect? Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm a UNK Future Athlete. I spend my day in training: strengthening my muscles and growing my mind. Some of my daily exercises include: Posted by Picasa

singing the Loper fight song, Posted by Picasa

doing reverse crunches, Posted by Picasa

picking things up, Posted by Picasa

and throwing them down, Posted by Picasa

keeping on the move, even when i'm sitting, Posted by Picasa

working the obliques, Posted by Picasa

taking my work (playing) seriously, and staying focused, Posted by Picasa

pushing myself further than i thought i could go, Posted by Picasa

touching my toes, Posted by Picasa

rolling, Posted by Picasa

rolling, Posted by Picasa

rolling over, Posted by Picasa