Wednesday, July 15, 2009

group pic of the group, minus grandma and me

Thursday, July 09, 2009

my little man was getting sleepy and cuddly. and i loved it.

this is pretty much what i see all day long. baby phoebe in my blooming belly, and xander below, lips pursed as he says, "up? beez."

libbs and xander posed on a rock. they had a really fun day. :)

me and my babes

swinging. like a monkey, i suppose.

and swinging never gets old.

Back at it... blogging

Oh, we've been busy.

The blog may not reflect it, but what a busy summer we've had! In fact, the fact that the blog doesn't reflect it should reflect our busyness. Er something. But, as I chatted with Daniel and Victoria about how bad I've been about updating the blog, I was encouraged to get back on the horse, make a post. So here it is, more zoo pics. I can't resist taking a bunch of pics every time we go to the zoo. Why is that?

Libby and Uncle Daniel pose on a butterfly bench.

Grandma Anna holds Xander up to peer at the giraffes. I love that he's pointing at them. :)

Libby looks her cutest as the happy couple grins behind her