Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Promises

Daddy just came out of Libby's bedroom. She's supposed to be sleeping but has been calling out for him, trying to think of things to tell/ask him so she can keep herself awake. He told her, "Don't call out again unless you're hurt." Her response? "I won't..... well, I will try not to."

Friday, February 22, 2008

On a Roll

Yesterday was a busy day for we three in the house, and I decided that a nap was imperative. For all 3 of us. Well, in the 20 minutes leading up to our naps Libby was on a roll. She was truly hilarious. I only wish you could hear her voice and intonation. Come visit so you can!

Just to set the scene I should explain that I have been painting Libby and Xander's bathroom. So, to protect the toilet, the tank was covered by a garbage bag.
M&L: eating lunch
L: gets up to go potty
M: eating lunch
L: shouting from the bathroom What in the world?!
M: thinking: did she just say what in the world? she surely didn't. maybe was that someone outside?
L: What in the world?!
M: thinking: yep, I think that was her...
L: comes back into the kitchen. What in the world mom? How am I supposed to flush that toilet in there?!

a few minutes later...
The two of us were laying in her bed reading a book. Mama skipped the title page of the book.
L: Wait a minute mama. Let me see what you skipped.
M: I didn't skip any of the story. I just skipped the title page, it says, "........".
L: Are you kidding me? You have GOT to be kidding me. That's what it says? This must be a joke. Is this a joke?
M: trying to hold laughter in
L: picking up on mama's giggles This must be a joke. Are you joking? Is this a joke, etc.

And though this is sad and somewhat pathetic, I can't remember the 3rd funny conversation. There was another! But here are 2 for now and if it comes to me I'll add it later. Have a great weekend! Family, I hope you're getting your chilies perfected. The competition is stiff!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chit Chat

I keep thinking of Libby talk... things that she says that I find humorous. Perhaps it's just that I'm her mom and it's not very funny to others, but it's my blog so i can chuckle and type as i choose, right? Here's something she said this afternoon and as I think of others I'll tag them on.

M: Today you don't have to take a nap but you need to have rest time in your room. You can play in there or read books but you have to stay in there quietly until 3:15. That's when the big hand is on the 3.
L: Woah. That's going to be a long time. I had thought maybe when the big hand was on the 10. But on the 3 is going to be a long time.

we do this from time to time so she's familiar with the clock and how to know when she's allowed to come out of her room, but i didn't know she understood fully that the hands move clockwise, or that she'd know that the big hand would get to the 10 before the 3. It was 2:20 at the time. anyway, it just struck me as funny. when i said "the 3" her eyes widened and she knew, it was going to be a while.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Thank you to family and friends for your patience and gentle reminders - here are your long awaited updates. In general, we're all doing well. The kids battled colds and won. Xander had his 4 month well child exam and passed. He is such a string bean. He's in the 17th percentile for his weight (13 pounds 3 ounces) and the 85th percentile for his length (26 inches long). But he's strong, pushing up and looking around, rolling both ways and making his way around a room. He's such an easy smiler and does a very sweet sing-songy sound when he's ready to go to bed. He's a fantastic sleeper (13+ hours straight through the night!) and has been complimented many times on having a "cute" or "sweet" cry. It's true. That's Xander at 4 months in a nutshell.

Libby's still the spitfire in our household. She is full of energy, loves to dance, and has a vivid imagination. She keeps 10 baby alligators in her room, and they frequently chomp on our toes or make their way up to the kitchen table or otherwise participate in our daily routine. She has also recently fallen in love with Dora. Her first request of the day is to go watch Dora. Though we don't like her planted in front of the TV, we do like hearing her new spanish vocabulary! And of course she loves hanging out with her friend Hudson, and really, she loves hanging out with the rest of Hudson's family just the same. What else... hmmm... well, she's been enjoying her babysitters lately. Mama and Daddy have been out and about without the kids frequently in the past couple of months and Libby always has a great time with her Aunt Sarah, or Haley, Leah, and Janie. As an added bonus, several of her evenings with a sitter have been with Hudson and Maren as well. She has said some of the funniest and sweetest things lately and I keep meaning to post them but then forget. I do remember some of the following:

L: I love you daddy. I'm going to keep your forever (hugging him tight to not let him escape to go to work.) You're my best daddy.

L: Mama, you're a good mama and I do love you. But, sometimes you're kind of mean to me when you turn the water on too hot for me.

D: Libby, do you know that I think your kisses are like gold? They're more valuable to me than money.
L: I'll take money.

D: (explaining something)
L: I gotcha daddy.

M: (explaining something)
L: I gotcha mama.

M: (the first time Libby napped without her binkie --- yes, she's officially binkie free now) Libby! You just did such a good job napping without your binkie! You are SUCH a big girl!
L: You know what mama? I actually feel like a big girl! I actually do!

D: (holding Xander)
X: climbing around on daddy
L: Xander is really wiggly! He is kinda like a worm!
D: He is kind of like a worm! But, he's not pink and he's not slimy.
L: No, he's not. But, he is really skinny.