Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pregnant Pals

Well, here it is - the first picture we've gotten of Brittany and myself, taken just in time for showing our pregnant bellies. Brittany's baby is due and will be coming shortly. So, you're looking at me at 30 weeks and Brittany at 39. Aren't we looking great? Of course we do, we're heading out to dinner and a movie, accompanied by our pregnancy glows. :)

Oh What A Big Girl (bed)

Oh joy and oh sadness, our little girl is sleeping in a big-girl bed tonight! As you will see from the pictures below, Libby is so excited and thankful and just thrilled about her new bed. Mama and daddy are excited about it as well, though it does add a touch of reality to the extent to which she's growing up - already! Her beaming smile seems so fake, but is so genuine it makes me grin every time i glance at these pictures.

as mama reads libby a bedtime story, daddy snaps a picture. mama is smiling because libby just said, "mom, you read. i'll smile."

tucked in with her bed rail up, safe and secure. she's all smiles as we leave her to her dreams.
posing with daddy, you can see her energy level is a bit high for bedtime. she was practically jumping off the walls she was so excited!

speaking of jumping: at this point, it seems her favorite feature of her new bed is the handy handlebars that support her safe jumping. she LOVES jumping on her new bed, and holds on to the headboard and bounces fiercely. Daddy says he is about to enforce a no jumping on the bed rule, but for her first night, we couldn't help but be a bit more tolerant. Plus, she is careful about her jumping by holding on...

as seen in the reflection of her new mirror

oh that beaming smile. such a bittersweet night for mama and daddy, but libby was so elated about her new bed. she was simply filled with joy, which made the afternoon and evening so fun for her parents.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lunch for Us and the Ducks

This morning we went to a downtown park for a picnic with Brittany and Hudson. We enjoyed our lunch in the grass overlooking the lake and fountain (see foreground in picture below) and then fed some ducks and fish (the fish were often faster than the ducks at claiming the bread). Mama captured a few cute pictures and some nice ladies passing by snapped a few for us as well.

what a fun shot of the bread flying through the air! and look at libby's follow-through on her throw, she's got great shooter's form already. perhaps a basketball player someday? (by the way, for those who haven't seen her lately, libby had a recent growth spurt and has gained almost 2 inches since her 2nd birthday in March. She's now just under 38 inches tall.)

see the duck? we started with just one but after a few minutes, many more joined in the feeding frenzy.

at one point she even yelled, "hooray for running! hooray!......." and we sweating (glowing) pregnant women pushing strollers and hiking up a hill couldn't manage to agree, but we did appreciate her energy and running ability.

A day at the Museum

Yesterday we had a fun morning at the children's museum, with aunts wendy and sarah!

Wendy and Libby do a little shopping. Libby notices from all the groceries on the checkout counter, it's going to be a while before she can get her basket rung up....

Sarah and Libby experiment with cow milking...
driving with someone from bob the builder... i don't know the characters.

taking aunt wendy to the library

all grins

this girl loves to drive - and often as we drive around town libby takes an opportunity to remind mama that, "someday when i'm bigger i will drive, and daddy will sit up there, and mama will sit back here and daddy will say, 'good job libby!'"

libby and sarah play in the water. isn't water so fun?!
the aunts introduce libby to the idea of face painting. aunt wendy's suggestion to paint sarah's face is a hit, and libby may have found her calling - she did not want to quit.

sarah waits patiently as libby adds some more pink lines and swirls to sarah's cheeks.

such a cute little gown/dress costume but after wearing it but a moment libby masters taking it off. (which reminds me, libby is now quite proficient in dressing and undressing herself, including buttoning her own shirts!)

here aunt wendy, you try it.

Aunt Sarah gets a wee bit stuck in the penguin costume.

Some Summer Fun

after her parents returned from their days away in kansas city, libby was in a silly and giddy happy mood. here she models some new jammies and her sunglasses from uncle mason.

aunt em spent the night a couple of weeks ago and had the honor of reading libby's bedtime stories.

happy birthday grandpa!

libby's first day of swimming lessons. she looks a bit hesitant, but she was really excited to get into the water. she took to it like a little fish (swish, swish, swish), though she now reminds us that "i don't really like to go under water."

here she is posing with her buddy hudson 2 weeks later. they've finished their final lesson and congrats!- both have passed! libby now enjoys floating on her back and swimming on her tummy (she prefers her tummy) and while swimming on her tummy she can kick her legs, paddle her arms, and blow bubbles in the water. Of course, mama holds her by her tummy for safekeeping, but she does really well. And see how tan she has gotten? She takes to the sun like her daddy and mama used to, before we grew up and got office jobs or decided we enjoy shade and air conditioning...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Saturday Morning at the Zoo

After our return from South Dakota, we were anxious to have some fun with daddy. Saturday morning we picked up some hot dog buns and then headed to the zoo. (the buns are for the fish.) Daddy was so happy to be able to enjoy his little one, and Libby was thrilled to have him hold her and carry her and show her the animals on this fun day. Below you can see the two of them at a waterfall near the entrance, and then they investigate the bears (who were quite showy again this day).

(the theme below ... "feeding koi fish.")

(the theme below, "giraffes")

I Just Love Chocolate All the Time, Mom!

I am taking a break from posting pictures to record a conversation the little lady and I just had. It's lunchtime, and we're at the table. Libby is eating a chicken salad sandwich and some applesauce, but she has just requested a piece of chocolate.

L - Please can I have some chocolate, mom?
M - I think you better eat your sandwich.
L - Did you say I better eat my sandwich first mom?
M - No, but it's true that you do need to eat your sandwich first if we're going to have any chocolate.
L - Did you say I need to eat 3 bites of sandwich mom?
M - Well Libby, is your tummy getting full?
L - No mom, it isn't. It's just hungry for chocolate! I just love chocolate all the time, mom!
M - Well, I love chocolate all the time too, but we don't eat it very often do we?
L - No, we just eat one bite and then put it away because it's not healthy, mom.
M - That's right.
L - So can I have some chocolate, mom?
M - Yes Libby, I suppose you can have some chocolate if you eat 3 bites of your sandwich.
(libby eats 3 bites of sandwich and i go to the cupboard and get the chocolate bar that she's been eating bites off of as an after dinner treat off and on for the past several evenings.)
L - yes mom, you found it. oh yes you did. that's it mom! thank you mommy! oh it's yummy, it's really yummy!
(she eats her bite of chocolate and delights in every moment of it... then,)
L - Did you say I need to eat 3 bites of my applesauce, mom?
(you can see where this is going.)
M - no Libby, you can eat as much of your applesauce as you want, but we're not having any more chocolate.
(libby eats her applesauce all gone)
L - I think that's all! I think I ready to go nighttime! I think I ready to go nighttime mom!

so, with that, it's time for me to go put my little lady to bed. she's ready for her nap. we've had a big morning of bubble blowing and playing with babies and reading books and the grand finale of swimming lessons and lunch and a piece of chocolate. good night!

Take a Little Trip

The last week of June, Libby and mama took Barnabas and embarked upon a little trip to South Dakota. It was a cousins reunion of granddad's, and we met at their house and departed with cousins Kevin and Katy for a long week in the mountains. The two pictures below show Granddad's and Uncle Mason's jeeps, and then you see Kevin's suburban. He and Katy were pulling a trailer full of furniture and appliances as they were leaving the Black Hills to go to their new home in Alaska. They had some car trouble and we spent the first day repairing and recovering from the slow-going, but we had a great time on the road nonetheless. By the time we arrived we were ready for some relaxing - and though we didn't get much of that done, we kept busy and before we knew it, it was time to head back home to daddy. Below are some of the pictures we took to tell the story of our time in SD. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures that tell the story of the 11 hour drive home. (Thankfully, there wasn't much of a story. Libby was amazingly good and entertained herself the whole day despite a comment that "staying buckled up is not very fun." We are thankful for our DVD player and a very easy going little girl.)


oh broadwater... a mere 128 miles from our starting point, and nearly 3 hours later, we're in broadwater. it was slow going until this point in the trip.

it was hot! for sure!

the country store was good to us. the nice lady working there gave libby many beanie babies from their display to help with entertainment. and we ladies enjoyed the air conditioned facility.

here, libby enjoys the protection grandma's sunhat can offer. (meantime, grandma and katie are finding a big bull snake not too far away. yikes! let's get out of here!)
izzy and libby pose for a picture as they peek out our bedroom window

grandma and katie push the girls in strollers through the city

when we finally arrived at palmer gulch, libby got acquainted with the big bear

while in route, we girls stop to take some pictures at "carhenge"
it's an american classic! :)

am i really so tall? i look so tall in this picture! tall and pregnant!