Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Just Love Chocolate All the Time, Mom!

I am taking a break from posting pictures to record a conversation the little lady and I just had. It's lunchtime, and we're at the table. Libby is eating a chicken salad sandwich and some applesauce, but she has just requested a piece of chocolate.

L - Please can I have some chocolate, mom?
M - I think you better eat your sandwich.
L - Did you say I better eat my sandwich first mom?
M - No, but it's true that you do need to eat your sandwich first if we're going to have any chocolate.
L - Did you say I need to eat 3 bites of sandwich mom?
M - Well Libby, is your tummy getting full?
L - No mom, it isn't. It's just hungry for chocolate! I just love chocolate all the time, mom!
M - Well, I love chocolate all the time too, but we don't eat it very often do we?
L - No, we just eat one bite and then put it away because it's not healthy, mom.
M - That's right.
L - So can I have some chocolate, mom?
M - Yes Libby, I suppose you can have some chocolate if you eat 3 bites of your sandwich.
(libby eats 3 bites of sandwich and i go to the cupboard and get the chocolate bar that she's been eating bites off of as an after dinner treat off and on for the past several evenings.)
L - yes mom, you found it. oh yes you did. that's it mom! thank you mommy! oh it's yummy, it's really yummy!
(she eats her bite of chocolate and delights in every moment of it... then,)
L - Did you say I need to eat 3 bites of my applesauce, mom?
(you can see where this is going.)
M - no Libby, you can eat as much of your applesauce as you want, but we're not having any more chocolate.
(libby eats her applesauce all gone)
L - I think that's all! I think I ready to go nighttime! I think I ready to go nighttime mom!

so, with that, it's time for me to go put my little lady to bed. she's ready for her nap. we've had a big morning of bubble blowing and playing with babies and reading books and the grand finale of swimming lessons and lunch and a piece of chocolate. good night!

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