Sunday, May 29, 2005

This Memorial Day weekend, we took our first family vacation. We headed into the mountains! Our first stop was here in Winter Park. We then headed on to Granby, where we spent Saturday night. Sunday we went on to Steamboat Springs and headed back home Sunday night. It was a fun way to celebrate dad's birthday and mom and dad's anniversary. Posted by Hello

Here's a closeup of me - like my new hat? Posted by Hello

Here I am with mom. She and I always enjoy mint chip ice cream in the mountains. Posted by Hello

I just don't find juvenile humor like this to be funny.  Posted by Hello

Mom tried to keep a smile on her face, but I think there were times when she was as sad as I was. We all hate it that I'm confined to this carseat! Posted by Hello

To be honest, I slept through a lot of the good stuff. But it's important for me to get my rest! Posted by Hello

This was one of the beautiful scenes mom and dad enjoyed while I slept. Or maybe I was screaming at this point... I don't remember.  Posted by Hello

Here we are in Arapahoe National Forest. Mom took the binkie out of my mouth for the picture, but I found my thumb just in time. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005

Now THAT is a Wild Thing! Posted by Hello

This page is particularly interesting. Posted by Hello

Libby loves storytime. Posted by Hello

Daddy reads Libby a story, "The Bedtime Rhyme" and it does the trick... Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 22, 2005

raaaar Posted by Hello

I have been having so much fun playing! I can go, go, go... kicking and slapping at my animals. It's the best! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Well, here we all are at Mason's reception. Congratulations Graduate! Posted by Hello

Uncle Mason led us in prayer to open and close Senior Appreciation Night and Graduation.  Posted by Hello

This shot is similar to the one below, but Aunt Brett took it and let dad get in the picture.  Posted by Hello

Here's Aunt Brett, mom and me, and Uncle Mason. Posted by Hello

Here is Uncle Mason at his high school graduation. Posted by Hello

Here I'm resting in the arms of Great-grandma Sharon.  Posted by Hello

What a handsome bunch we are.  Posted by Hello

Here, mom captured us when we weren't ready. Wait! Aunt Lucy and Great-grandpa were ready!  Posted by Hello

Now here are some good lookin' guys. Dad, Uncle Daniel, and Uncle Jonathan.  Posted by Hello

This is my Aunt Lucy, Uncle Daniel the graduate, and Aunt Sarah. Can mom and dad trust these guys with me? Posted by Hello

This is Great-Grandpa Louis and me with Aunt Sarah at Daniel's high school graduation. Posted by Hello