Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pumpkins Galore

hi folks! this weekend grandma and grandad came to visit, as well as aunt brett, uncle mason, and tylor. and they brought libby's beloved izzy and aunt brett's new puppy mader. we had loads of fun, and took some pictures of our saturday morning at a local pumpkin patch.
so please, stay seated and enjoy the ride.

libby knows how to get what she wants, and in this case she wanted her daddy.
she slapped her hand on the bench and said, "dad! sit!"

peek-a-boo! see daddy too?

hey mama

say cheese (libby's got some crackers in her mouth.
it's lunchtime and we're on a hayrack ride in a pumpkin patch.)

daddy looks goooooood

tooling around the pumpkin patch and staying out of the mud (mama's an old fuddy duddy)

time to get back on board

aunt brett and tylor know --- that camel is about to spit.

let's start this baby up!

much to mama's suprise, libby was not scared to offer some tasty treats to
her new friends, the goats.

what about me, libby?

mmmm, mmmmm. that's some good stuff libby.

some of the big kids went into a haunted house,
but mama and libby got on the bus and headed to school.

soon enough it was time for the pig races


go piggie go!

tylor's up

Creating in Yellow

libby has a new hobby. she loves creating balls and snakes and most of all, destroying them in a fun squishy way. mama hears tylor makes a great camel...

libby says "han" as we make her a big squishy han

as a tribute to those we know and love hundreds of miles away,
Libby calls it "ode to virginia"

Friday, September 15, 2006

Here, we manage to enjoy the hot weather by playing in the water, and wash the van in the meantime. Those of you who know her well know that Libby has a penchant for order, and is quick to point out when things are dirty or left running when they should be turned off, or not right where mama usually puts them. An offer to go outside and wash the van was too sweet to refuse, and she was a great helper! Even after mama had rinsed, Libby was eager to put the suds back on the van, spot shining particular places that had been previously overlooked. :)
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she's thinking: uh-oh, dih-ty
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libby also appreciated the need to rinse our rags. she had a good sense of when it was time to quit scrubbing and head to the bucket.
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this little guy wanted to play in the sudsy water.
who can blame him?
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after her break, she's right back at it. putting bubbles on the van and working on her tan.
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the van is looking pretty good, so libby decides to give the mailbox a wipedown. what can i say? the girl doesn't like "dih-ty."
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almost as though she knew what she was doing, libby brought this little girl out to sit in the wheel while we worked. she wisely chose someone dressed in her raingear.
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are we almost done? because my hair is drying in a really bizarre way.
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it gets really dirty back behind the tires.
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One evening after dinner daddy decided to eat a popcicle.
Moments later, Libby decided to eat daddy's popcicle.
She took command of the treat, but was kind enough to share...
some for daddy...
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some for Libby...
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and some for mama.
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Libby wears her first ponytail. See her highlights?
We're headed out to the Home Depot to buy some paint this Saturday morning. Libby's got her pretzels and she's ready to go - wearing her little blazer regardless of the weather. She loves it.
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Here is daddy on his first day of work. Despite our camera giving us
blurry pics, you can see that Libby is performing a stunt of silliness, perfectly straight-faced, for the camera. (She did a last-minute trick of popping her binkie in her mouth sideways, with the rim in her mouth and the nipple down.)
She misses daddy while he's at work and calls his name and blows him kisses through the day. She can't say the name of his firm, but can say part of it.
According to Libby, daddy spends his time at "Rock".
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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Libby takes Alabama and Florida

Why look at daddy with these much more interesting creatures approaching?

Here we are, at the Birminham Zoo, offering you the first of our long awaited august photos. Libby visited Alabama and Florida for the first time in her little life, taking her 22nd flight to get back home one late august evening. It was our chance to celebrate daddy and his accomplishments in graduating from law school,
taking the bar exam, and beginning his job as a real life attorney.
We had a really great time visiting Beth and her husband Brent when we first arrived in the South. Libby enjoyed their dog (woooh, woooh, woooh) Sadie, and hopefully didn't give her cold (which she developed our first night in Alabama) to Beth who is expecting a little one in January.

Soon after we got home after a nice week away, mama tried to upload photos and get blogging, but unfortunately our computer up and died. It's now repaired and I'm back at it. But, many of our photos are in a weird format on our memory card so I can only offer what we've got. Hopefully soon we can take it to a camera shop and retrieve the rest of our pictures,
because I'm sure you'll all be misssing them.

By the way, we found out this morning that daddy passed his bar exam and will be admitted to the State of Nebraska Bar in a couple of weeks! YAY!
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