Thursday, June 30, 2005

she spins the wheel, makes the dinging noise, and is pleased with her accomplishment.  Posted by Hello

concentration Posted by Hello

she checks the clock on the wall. curious as to when daddy will be home.  Posted by Hello

as mama takes more pictures, libby begins to realize it's okay to smile, despite the big black camera.  Posted by Hello

happiness Posted by Hello

she's keeping her eye on me Posted by Hello

the dragon is always a tasty option Posted by Hello

does she want to kiss the lion? no, there's more to it than that... Posted by Hello

libby discovers that it's not just her hands that can ilicit sounds from the buttons...  Posted by Hello

mama, i'll smile for you, but are you really taking pictures of my crazy hair?1 Posted by Hello

a good shot of the bedhead Posted by Hello

mama just has to put libby in her seat so we can get some photos of her. she's being particularly adorable this afternoon. Posted by Hello

she uses her feet to maneuver her toy Posted by Hello

could she be cuter? Posted by Hello

mom, i see you. but i want to suck this rattle! Posted by Hello

no time for smiles. it's all business.  Posted by Hello

she brings a smile to mama's face.  Posted by Hello

here she looks "geared up" for something. like she's been to a pep rally.  Posted by Hello

cuteness Posted by Hello

i can't help but post these. she's just so sweet and cute, and curious. Posted by Hello

the grin is adorable, but rarely without the fingers included.  Posted by Hello

mama is always doing something a little bit surprising.  Posted by Hello

ma, if you're going to try to get me to smile, you're going to have to speak up. i can't hear ya.  Posted by Hello

looking sneaky Posted by Hello

what's more interesting? the toys or the toes? Posted by Hello