Saturday, September 24, 2005

"heid! you better get in here quick!" and this is what daddy was talking about. little libby stands on her own for the first time! she was supposed to be taking a nap but was yelling at us, so brian checked her and when he opened the door he found that she had pulled herself up. she was steady as anything, not wobbling in the least (which she usually does). you can see she's proud of herself, but mainly, she still wants out of bed.  Posted by Picasa

there she is ladies and gentleman - our little stander-upper! Posted by Picasa

libby needs to rehydrate after our hike Posted by Picasa

daddy steals a kiss Posted by Picasa

mama and libby take a break to pose Posted by Picasa

libby had a good time on the saunders-monticello trail this afternoon! Posted by Picasa

sweet pea peeks up at mama Posted by Picasa

prepare yourself - you're about to see some ugly business involving none other than: carrots Posted by Picasa

libby had her first vegetable friday! it's carrots, and mama spent plenty of time peeling, steaming, and straining them thursday night. as you can see from libby's reaction, she prefers oatmeal. her technique when tasting something new that she doesn't like includes keeping it at the front of her mouth, kicking it out with her tongue, and if that doesn't work, offering a mild growly noise that resembles a weak attempt at making a loogie.  Posted by Picasa

dad, tell me you're kidding! i can't eat another bite! just look, i spit the last one out on my bib and i'll do it again if you force me to.  Posted by Picasa

carrots? i don't think so. this bite is going no further than my front teeth. Posted by Picasa

don't worry everyone! i warmed up to carrots and now i think they're quite yummy! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 22, 2005

it looks as though she is attempting headstands - and maybe she is. but our theory is that she's actually trying to stand up using this method. she gets from her hands and knees to hands and feet, and just isn't quite strong enough to push her upper body vertical so she's standing.  Posted by Picasa

how am i doing? Posted by Picasa

you wait there- i'll crawl over to you. Posted by Picasa

am i cute? or, am i cute? Posted by Picasa

mama, you're the best. Posted by Picasa

i will eat this couch! Posted by Picasa

see from the side, i can now get up onto my knees!  Posted by Picasa

okay, i'm up! Posted by Picasa

mama - i'm coming to get you! Posted by Picasa

how does that thing work? Posted by Picasa

hi dad. Posted by Picasa

a sneaky little grin Posted by Picasa

daddy, why are you photographing me now? Posted by Picasa