Sunday, January 20, 2008

Clearly, They're Genius.

Lunch out today, and two of my lovebugs shared a milkshake. How cute. Then, I suddenly noticed a handsome man in the background and asked that the two of them stick out their tongues "like this." "Uh, I'm not real crazy about doing this." was the response I got from daddy. "Come on, just do it." Libby was more cooperative. So, they stuck out their tongues not knowing the purpose, I snapped a photo and laughed and laughed and handed the camera over and we now have a new timeless photo that will simply have to be framed.

Cutie Petuties

Hudson Turned Two

On the 8th, Libby's friend Hudson turned two and had a party to celebrate. The theme was dump trucks, one of H's favorite things, and the kids all thoroughly enjoyed eating dirt and worms out of the back of their yellow trucks. Some dirt even managed to get onto their faces,
ew yuck.

Libby's turn to take a picture. She's getting better at capturing her subjects.
She has such an artistic eye doesn't she?

Mama's turn again. Clippity-clop, clippity-clop.

It took some major convincing, but we managed to get the two of them to "pose"
for a picture together before they could return to playing.

Happy Birthday Friend! Welcome to the world of TWO!

I'm All Thumbs

It starts out as a fun time with his toys, and ends as an opportunity to suck his thumb. Xander has begun to prefer the thumb to the binkie, though he starts most naps and nighttime sleeps wit his binkie (mama's way of suggesting to him that it's sleepy time) and then either pulls it out to suck his thumb, or leaves it in but brings his thumb up to the binkie and lets his fingers touch his face (see third picture) as though he's tricking himself into thinking he's sucking his thumb. The loud slurpy sounds that sometimes accompany the thumb sucking are particularly endearing as daddy and mama lay in bed and listen to them make their way across the hall to our room.

Hi Monkey, I'm gonna swat ya.

Of course, my thumb does look rather tasty...

Lucky Monkey, you're off the hook.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our Beautiful (and so silly) Kids

Sometimes, a mama just doesn't feel like loading the dishwasher or picking up toys. (I'm envisioning your nods.) Sometimes, a mama just wants to get out the camera and snap pics of her cute and fun and silly and sweet blessings.

Libby got out of the mood for posing with her sweet smile
so we decided she could make her silly faces. See said faces below.
fishy face

have you all seen this one in person?
this one is truly hilarious. Libby has a great party trick.
She can breathe in air and hold her nostrils in.
(does that description make sense? hopefully with the visual aid,
you'll know what I'm talking about)

Wii love it.

Mama and Daddy and N&B spent plenty of our New Year's Eve evening playing the Wii, and some of the next morning. Libby really wanted to give it a try, so we let her take up bowling. She did pretty well! See below she has released the blue bowling ball and the next picture shows that she got a spare! I have some video footage that I need to edit (shorten, because it just goes on for too long!) and then post for you so you can enjoy her bowling form. She had lots of fun. (Who doesn't?)

Happy New Year!

The best part was: it was a sleepover! In an attempt to stay up late and not have to wake any kids to drive home, N&B agreed to spend the night with us. So, we got to wake up together and eat pancakes and play with play-doh and Wii, and take more pictures in matching jammies. Maybe next year the parents can get matching jammies too. But I'm doubting it.

I just love the sequence of the pics of the kiddos on the sofa. I know to you they probably seem a bit repetitive, but I just think they're such a fun journey through the minute they sat together in order for us to photograph them.

Time for some play-doh action!

New Year's Eve

On December 31 we had our friends over to party! We spent the evening playing and cooking, and eventually put all 4 kids to bed so we could eat and play some more. :) That evening, we took some cute pictures of the little ones in their matching jammies, and Libby got some pictures of her pal Hudson.

I love this pic because each little one holds that which he/she loves.

Maren and Xander lay together for some playtime.
This is the only picture I have of the several I took of the two of them on the gymini where
X isn't crying. He was hungry and didn't last long
in his first photo op with his dear friend-to-be.

Now that the mamas had taken our pictures, Libby decided she'd like to take a few herself. She snapped te one of Hudson with his daddy and then the two of Hudson below. We're still working on her "aim".

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Post Holiday Fun

Uncle Daniel and Grandpa Larry gamely give the girls rides, horseback style.

Uh oh - looks like Libby broke the ice!

Look at this crew. Only Barns isn't showing his Blue Devil support...

Xander has some QT with Aunt Lucy

Barns insists that Daniel is his new friend (Daniel doesn't get much say in the matter)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Night after Christmas

As a gift to Libby and Aunt Em, the girls and their mamas went to a play at the Children's theater. We watched "The Gingerbread Man." I think Em had a great time, and eventually, Libby did too. She was a little overwhelmed and intimidated as the play began, but soon came to enjoy the show.

Day after Christmas Shopping

The day after Christmas, Aunt Brett and I packed up the kids and hit the mall. We found a couple of bargains, but mainly we enjoyed the morning out and Libby had fun playing with the other kids. She did spend quite a bit of time loitering on/around the golf ball very near where Brett and I sat admiring her.