Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Alexander Grows

Alexander grows! He had his 2 month well-child check and had a pretty good report. Mama's questions and concerns were answered quite simply, Xander handled his immunizations perfectly, and of course it was exciting to hear how he had been growing. As of almost 3 weeks ago, Xander weighed 12 pounds 6 ounces (64th percentile) and measured 24.75 inches long (95th percentile). Here are pictures to commemorate some Xander milestones accomplished in December.

My little man now sleeps through the night in his crib in his bedroom. We put him down for the night between 6 and 6:30 and he sleeps until it's time to eat, usually around midnight. Then he's back down in bed until morning, typically waking between 7 and 8. Of course, there are nights when he fusses a bit more and those when we don't hear a peep out of him, but on the whole he's been a dream, no pun intended.
Here, he naps one sunny morning.

I guess this isn't a real milestone, but daddy takes a picture of Xander and mama after one of his baths. We just hadn't had a bath picture in a while!

December 10th, exactly 2 months from his birth, Xander took great interest in the mobile above his swing. It was so fun to see him enjoy looking at a toy. And, it was a hint of the development that was to come in 5 short days.

Just a few days later, on December 14th, Xander notices his hands. He figures out that he can move his arms at will and finds this ability quite fascinating!

And then, on December 15th mama was getting ready for a Christmas party and needed to put Xander down to play. The little gymini came out from th closet and needless to say, it was a hit. The little guy had discovered toys and hands and put the two together for some fun filled playtime.

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