Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bathing Beauty

Libby continues to be emboldened around water. "Floating" on her back has been taken to a new level. Now, she likes to rinse her shampoo out under the running water, "like Katie does it". Katie is our hairdresser, and yes, she does rinse Libby's shampoo out under a faucet of running water, not by simply pouring water from a cup as some unsophisticated mothers might.
You can see the caution in her eyes, but it does not stop her. Needless to say, mama is a bit nervous about her upcoming swimming lessons and the lack of fear that she possesses while at the pool!

It Ain't Easy, Lookin' This Good

Libby plays dress-up and wears one of mama's skirts. She looks good in it! Here's to looking good!

You gotta love that big cheesy smile.

Latest Trip to the Museum

The children's museum has been remodeled and the new version is even more grand than the original. We went with friends Brittany and Hudson a couple of weeks ago. Hudson is 16 months and he and Libby played pretty independently, and I didn't get any pics of the 2 of them - bummah. Next time. But you can see from the pics below that Libby had lots of fun. There's a new firetruck themed area (she's driving below) as well as a water "park" equipped with squirters and floaty toys (lots of fun) and a new 2-story play house, decked out with all the essentials.

start 'er up! we've got a fire at the mall!
(she actually told me the fire was at the mall)

grandpa larry can attest, libby is a born driver. it's not hard to tell she's thrilled to be behind the wheel. a couple nights ago she managed to get grandpa to give her a personal tour of his jeep and daddy's car, and libby was quick to buckle up (in the driver's seat) and ask him for the keys!

here she practices putting the fire out on this house.

navigating her way through the corn rows

here is the new really fun play house entrance. libby heads in next to an older boy who was in the midst of a game of modern day "cops and robbers". Over-protective mama didn't appreciate the broom guns my little one was exposed to, but she seemed to survive just fine. She found herself a baby that she carried around with her the rest of the day, even bathing her in the fountain area. (you can probably tell her pants are wet in the corn picture because baby was pretty much soaked)

she's such a nurturer, caring for her little one in the second floor bedrooms
here she gives a grin as she sits at the dining table, with some food or something in hand for her little one.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

chit chat, chit chat

Libby: Baby Jane, I'm sorry I not hold you all the time. Baby Jane, I'm sorry I not hold you all the time. (x5 in a very sweet and regretful voice) ... Baby Jane, I'm sorry I can't hold you all the time. ... I have bear.

Libby: I see the church!
Daddy: No, that's not the church. That's "Transgenomic Ltd.".
Mama and Daddy: (carrying on with our previous conversation)
Libby: What is it? What is it? What is it? .... (x100)
Mama: Libby, they do scientific research.
Libby: oh. (completely satisfied)
Daddy: chuckles at
Libby: Daddy, why you laugh?

Libby: looking at a honeymoon picture of mama and daddy in Honduras. Mom, let's go swimming there!