Friday, May 25, 2007

More to Make you Grin

Here are a few more little conversations, that will hopefully bring a smile to your face.

Remember the busy bee? (see below) Well, the next day Libby said to me,
"up please ladybug."
Mama: who are you calling ladybug?
Libby: i call mama ladybug!
Mama: i think you are ladybug!
Libby: i'm not ladybug - i'm libby!

Mama: retrieving Libby's virtually untouched turkey sandwich from our picnic yesterday. "here you go Libby. here's your turkey sandwich."
Libby: acutally, that's old, mom.

Mama: okay libby, you need to settle down and lay down for your nap. (libby is wiggling and giggling)
Libby: i'm just so happy you put this sheet on my bed, mom!

Libby: looking at the computer desktop picture, which is uncle mason, libby, and tara in their shades (pictured below) she says to the photo: hey guys! ... then, to inform mama she says, that uncle masie and tara. i love that little guy.
Mama: who do you love?
Libby: Tara. I love that little guy!

Daddy: turns off the shower
Libby: hide! let's hide mom! (we go through this every morning)
Mama: no, we're eating breakfast and your hands are all sticky. let's just sit here and eat. (usually we are able to hide in bed from daddy but this morning it didn't work out)
Libby: in a hurried frantic whisper, crouching in close to mama at the table. mom! let's hide! real quick, let's hide from daddy before he see us! real quick mom!

Libby: say hi baby jane (her favorite doll), you not needa be shy... (wonder if she's heard that before)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The blog gives you a chance to see Libby grow, but you can't hear her! What fun we have discussing matters with her, explaining everything to her, and listening to her own little explanations. Though you can't hear her little voice, her intonations and excitment and curiosity and expression, you can at least imagine. Below are some of Libby's latest:

what for? what for? and sometimes, for what? this is one of libby's favorite questions. her own version of "why." she is constantly asking where, when, what for, etc. She has clearly entered the stage of questioning everything. So, she gets explanations for everything from laws, to airplane mechanics, to wedding rituals, to scripture, to why lucy pulled the football away from charlie brown when he ran to kick it.

other conversations from the past 36 hours:
Uncle Daniel: Libby, whose shoes are these?
Libby: Those daddy's shoes. . . . . . . and sometimes Libby's.

Mama: okay honey, once again, we are in a hurry, we need to get going so you need to come to mama to get your shoes on.
Libby: where are we going?
Mama: we're going to a nice lady's house to eat lunch with aunt lucy and uncle dan and aunt wendy and (listing all the family who will be there)...
Libby: again?!
Mama: yes, again.
Libby: wooooow. that a lot of people.

Mama: cooking dinner and zipping around the kitchen getting ready to eat and run to a meeting
Libby: up please, busy bee.
Mama: who are you calling "busy bee"?!
Libby: i call mama "busy bee." up please, mama busy bee!
(30 minutes later when daddy gets home)
Libby: daddy, i call mama "busy bee." ha ha ha ha ha
(fyi- we don't refer to each other as busy bee. we call bees "busy bee". apparently, she made the leap and decided mama was buzzing around the kitchen like a busy bee!)

Daddy: resting his arm on libby's car seat in the cramped airplane
Libby: daddy, your arm on libby's seat! move your arm off libby's seat!
Daddy: libby, please can i rest my arm on your seat?
Libby: no, daddy. you have your own seat!
Daddy: (and mama chuckling) libby, daddy doesn't have much room to rest his arm, and your seat is very big, but you are not very big. would it be okay for daddy to rest his arm on your seat?
Libby: (big sigh.) libby says yeah

Mama and Daddy: after a loooooong weekend, laughing about something (probably something libby said)
Libby: mama, don't laugh. actually, daddy, don't laugh. when you laugh it really hurts my ears.

Wedding Pics Galore!

Okay! Well I think I've posted most of the wedding pics I'm going to, unless I come across one that I missed along the way... one or two that is. We had over 100 pics and so many of them turned out nicely. Below are many that will give you a hint of what a beautiful wedding we were able to celebrate, how blessed are we by our gracious Lord Jesus, and what a great time we had celebrating with our family. Enjoy!

libby flips and twirls her dress, like every good flower girl should

at the rehearsal dinner, the pizza place allowed "crayon art" on the walls

i LOVE this picture. don't they look so alike?! daddy and libby share a dance.

here we pose with the newlyweds on sunday afternoon at their second reception.

this is a silly pic taken at the ORD airport children's museum as we played away our 3 hour flight delay...
don't worry, libby is an incredibly safe backseat driver, so she waited until daddy stopped at a red light to ask him to smile for this picture.

as if a wedding weekend in chicago isn't enough, libby gets to go swimming too!

she's been preparing for this moment for weeks (in the bath) and now she finally gets to be a backfloater. pay no attention to the man with the arms under her back.
sending off the happy couple

she was feeling a little fiesty, weren't we all after the long weekend?, and decided to go pose for this one.

libby and uncle jon had lots of quality time together

in a tiny, whispery, sweet, and totally genuine voice libby said, "i like your dress lucy." this was the first time she'd been up close, or taken the time to look at how beautiful it was. it was a very sweet moment.

libby and teddy (ring bearer) are both on the shy side, so this was the best we could get. :)


a quick pick of the 3 (or 4) of us
some downtime in between photos (kind of)

being silly

smiling with grandma

grandpa prayed at the wedding and brought tears to the eyes of many. don't worry, i prayed too, but i happened to notice this moment and had to grab the camera. :)

i'm not real sure what dance involves the number 1, but it looks like a fun one.
time for post-wedding fun

mrs. w and groom

mama didn't capture the best photo, but libby had a great time on the dancing floor

here, you see, she even gets her arm into the swing of things
the ladies

uh-oh, i pulled off my slipper! (after the wedding, relaxing and having some silly time)

the parents stand to give their blessings

lovely ladies
the men

a break for lunch. libby's thirsty.

daddy escorts grandma to her seat.

grandpa brings his little girl to her groom

the happy couple. singing praises to the Lord.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Aunt Lucy's Wedding Weekend Extravaganza

Just a quick note to say that we are home from our long weekend extravaganza in Chicago, where we celebrated Aunt Lucy's marriage to new-Uncle Dan. We had a great time, especially Libby, who adored 4 days of devoted attention from numerous family members. She made her debut as flower girl and I have to say, she was stellar. I'll have footage of her first walk down the aisle hopefully in a few days. In the meantime, I'm posting photos little by little. I have a few of them below but there are more to come... it's late and I'm calling it a night but wanted to let you get a glimpse of what we were up to this past weekend -- and for those of you family members at the wedding as well, you can get a glimpse of how fabulous you all were looking day after day.
aunt wendy shows libby and aunt sarah how to play with soda at the rehearsal dinner.

uncle jon and aunt em pose with libby and em's new jewelry box (which is strikingly similar to the jewlery box libby received)

wedding morning, libby with the bridesmaid aunts
going up, up, up. look at libb's sleepy little eyes. poor thing, it was naptime.

she's such a good sport to pose and smile even though she's so exhausted. i couldn't resist taking this picture with her head in the clouds.

playing around with aunt wendy at the bridal tea on friday

posing with the bride at the bridal tea.

at the rehearsal, libby practices sprinkling the roses

Grandma Sends Pictures

Grandma took the following pics while in Kearney over Mother's Day. Below you'll see Libby tucked in to her tent, Uncle Mason and Tara posing with Libby in the new sunglasses they got for her, and the familiy minus Granddad and Daddy after lunch on Sunday.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Getaway

We spent the weekend in Kearney, meeting Grandma and Granddad in Aunt Brett and Uncle Mason's neighborhood. Libby was so excited and had such a great time with her family. She talks about them all the time (often calling them on one of her several phones) and was delighted to see each of them. When we first arrived in Kearney we went to a park to wait for Grandma and Granddad to get there, and Aunt Brett to become available. We had a lot of fun on the playground, running off to the water's edge, and walking through a gated garden.