Monday, May 14, 2007

sorry, someone kinda cut daddy off... (and barnabas)

In between our time at the park and at the hotel, we played at Aunt Brett's, did some shopping for Libby's little brother, and went out to dinner. Libby did lots of entertaining, delighting the family with her energy and her vocabulary and her personality. One comment that stands out in my mind regards Libby's Uncle Mason. She talks about him frequently, mentioning him any time she sees a Jeep. "Mom! A Jeep like Uncle Masie's car." She also brought him up the other night as we read about Daniel in the Old Testament. Libby looked at her toddler Bible and asked, "where's Daniel?" She was confused, thinking the story was about Uncle Daniel, and the picture didn't look much like him. Daddy pointed and said, "here's Daniel." Libby replied, "Where's Uncle Masie?"

Well anyway, Aunt Brett has 2 doggies, one of which is named Macey. Libby doesn't spend much time with them, and tends to forget about them. While playing at Brett's, the doggies (Macey, Mader and Barnabas) were kenneled up back in the bedrooms. Macey began to bark and Brett shouted at her, "Quiet Macey!" Libby looked at us in disbelief. "That not Masie! That Ba-ba-bas maybe, but that not Masie." She thought Brett was accusing Uncle Mason of barking in the back bedroom. It was very amusing and sweet; she knew Uncle Mason better than that!

that evening at the hotel libby noticed something on the nightstand and said, "what is that?"
"it's a phone," replied her daddy. she had a great time exploring this new "phone" that doesn't have a screen and does have a cord, and makes all sorts of beeping noises.

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