Friday, May 25, 2007

More to Make you Grin

Here are a few more little conversations, that will hopefully bring a smile to your face.

Remember the busy bee? (see below) Well, the next day Libby said to me,
"up please ladybug."
Mama: who are you calling ladybug?
Libby: i call mama ladybug!
Mama: i think you are ladybug!
Libby: i'm not ladybug - i'm libby!

Mama: retrieving Libby's virtually untouched turkey sandwich from our picnic yesterday. "here you go Libby. here's your turkey sandwich."
Libby: acutally, that's old, mom.

Mama: okay libby, you need to settle down and lay down for your nap. (libby is wiggling and giggling)
Libby: i'm just so happy you put this sheet on my bed, mom!

Libby: looking at the computer desktop picture, which is uncle mason, libby, and tara in their shades (pictured below) she says to the photo: hey guys! ... then, to inform mama she says, that uncle masie and tara. i love that little guy.
Mama: who do you love?
Libby: Tara. I love that little guy!

Daddy: turns off the shower
Libby: hide! let's hide mom! (we go through this every morning)
Mama: no, we're eating breakfast and your hands are all sticky. let's just sit here and eat. (usually we are able to hide in bed from daddy but this morning it didn't work out)
Libby: in a hurried frantic whisper, crouching in close to mama at the table. mom! let's hide! real quick, let's hide from daddy before he see us! real quick mom!

Libby: say hi baby jane (her favorite doll), you not needa be shy... (wonder if she's heard that before)

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