Sunday, June 25, 2006

I forgot to post this one -
Libby says with vigor, "up!", asking to be held.

While I'm at it, I should share with you some of Libby's other new words.
In the past week she has greatly increased her vocabulary,
and is happy to try to repeat words at our request.
Ice, Up, I-y (Izzy), East, Hot, Help, Jump, Hop
(accompanied by attempts at hopping, an arm hopping through the air,
and used to identify bunnies),
Owl, There! it is, chair, dress, ham, cheese, Please (sort of),
a cow sound, and a snake sound.
She says other words and animal noises, but these are her newest and new favorites.
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How Does your Garden Grow?

Sunday afternoon Libby and mama did some work in the garden.
Daddy is at school studying, and we have planting to do!
Here, Libby models mama's gloves, which she loves to wear.
More interesting than mama or flowers, however, is the fact that
a couple minutes ago a neighbor started mowing grass across the street.
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what you can't see, is that libby holds a bouncy
ball she found in the grass. the grippy gloves make it
much easier to keep track of it.
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he's still at it over there
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yay for libby the gardener!
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mama, will you stop taking pictures and notice?
there is a boy mowing the lawn over there!
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What a sweet, sweet baby.
and what nice gloves!
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Here, Libby says a quick prayer for the flowers.
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Libby was too interested in the mower across the street to give mama smiles, until mama asked libby, "can you say ice?"
It's one of her new favorite words, and here she says "ice" proudly.
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until next time...
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Libby & Dick and Jane

Do you recognize this child?
This is Miss Too-Busy-to-Sit-and-Read.
But wait! The story has changed.
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa's gift of 3 Dick and Jane books,
Libby loves to read!
She hasn't loved books this much since a year ago
when she was just a few months old and had no choice
but to sit in mama's or daddy's lap and listen to stories.
(See archives of May 2005 for reference.)
Anyway, Libby loves Dick and Jane
and will sit and read page after page.
Two theories have emerged that likely both hold truth.
1: The stories are more interesting than simple word books,
but simple enough that she can follow along
and get the gist of what's happening.
2: The books are "big girl books" with paper pages
and chapters, not baby board books.
Whatever the reason, mama's thrilled to have her reader back!
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Come on mom! Read to us!
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This is Spot the dog.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Brett Come (and Izzy)

Happy Father's Day!
We were blessed to have gma and gpa and brett and izzy come visit us this weekend. We missed uncle mason! We had a really fun time. I especially liked petting "Ih-ee's" black spot. She's a good dog. (wooh, wooh, wooh)
Here you see gpa and daddy frying up some fish gpa caught himself!
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we had a father's day feast featuring one of my favorites: corn on the cob!
i may be a nebraska girl at heart.
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just before bedtime we remember to snap a father's day family photo.
too bad we're not still in our snazzy church duds. oh well!
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do you like my headband?
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i don't know what grandma finds so amusing.
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look out birds! i'm coming out to play!
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Casey and Brian gave me this popper, and I love to play outside with it. I push it around the yard (and house) and "pop, pop, pop" it.
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there's nothing like digging in the dirt!

(mama's annoyed with blogger because she put all these pictures in a nice neat sequence but blogger messed it up and they're out of order. sorry everyone. blame it on blogger.)
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this looks like a nice shady spot to sit and rest
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yick! how did i end up with all this mud on my hands?
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I really love getting dirty then brushing off my hands.
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Peek-a-boo grandma! are you watching me as i go up the stairs?
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