Tuesday, July 26, 2005

this weekend we had visitors!! grandma, grandpa, aunt lucy, uncle jon and aunt emily came all the way out to see me! on saturday we drove to estes park to enjoy the scenery from atop prospect mountain. here we are getting our picnic lunch ready. Posted by Picasa

a family photo Posted by Picasa

libby wakes from a little nap as we enjoy the mountaintop view Posted by Picasa

we meet some pretty ballerinas  Posted by Picasa

the rain is coming and it's time to head back down! Posted by Picasa

we meet another tram as we head down Posted by Picasa

back at the bottom of the mountain. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

for her first product endorsement, libby recommends BabyBjorn. "it's soft and cozy and tastes real good" she tells consumers everywhere Posted by Picasa

libby and mama get ready to go for a walk Posted by Picasa
We have been busy lately! Grandma Anna's family reunion, then a Rockie's game, then a weekend at Great-Grandma Sharon and Great-Grandpa Dwain's house. In the meantime Libby's been playing hard and napping harder. Below are photos from our time at Heidi's grandparents' house. Libby had a lot of fun, and needless to say so did everyone else who played with her.

toys are for the birds! i'm off to see the world. Posted by Picasa

as i make my way across the living room i find that my mom's right here Posted by Picasa

and my dad's up there Posted by Picasa

grandma shelley comes down to play with me. Posted by Picasa

slowly but surely i'm moving away from home-base. Posted by Picasa

mama has taught libby to "crunch". Posted by Picasa

this is how you do it. you! Posted by Picasa

clearly i have navigated off the gymini. how did i end up clear over here? and how am i going to get back? Posted by Picasa

what do you recommend, daddy? Posted by Picasa

daddy demonstrates crawling technique. he's excited for libby to be on the move. mama, who stays home with libby, wouldn't mind a few more weeks of the slower-paced rolling and scooting lifestyle. :) Posted by Picasa

dad, stay back! i can do this on my own! Posted by Picasa

she has the goal in sight, but she's clearly getting sleepy. Posted by Picasa

after all that playing, libby needs a nap. when daddy goes in to check her he finds that she's moved herself into the starting blocks and is clearly dreaming of the 400. Posted by Picasa

Sunday morning at great-grandma and great-grandpa's house. i'm wearing my new jammies from grandma shelley (and looking quite fine in them) and i'm ready to start the day with some sitting and rolling and toe-touching.  Posted by Picasa

why does dad hold on to my head? i haven't the foggiest! Posted by Picasa

i just love the morning! i touch my toes and say, "this is going to be a wonderful day." Posted by Picasa