Monday, August 30, 2010

first day of school eve

Is it too late to discuss the day before the last day I blogged?  Nope, I didn't think so either.  And then, when there's time, perhaps I will tell you more about baseball, or a trip to chicago, or other fun things we'd like to remember for years to come.  But for now, "Heidi and the terrible, no good, very bad day."

The day before school starts, in my mind, is the last day of summer.  Right?  And the last day of summer, which happens to be the day before school starts, should be a big day, right?  ESPECIALLY when we're talking about the VERY first day of school EVER.  Seems to me, and this is just me, but it seems to me that the first day of school eve is a very big day.  A day a mom gets to wow her soon to be kindergartener one last time with her unbelievably unforgettable ability to have loooooots of fun.  School's fun, but staying home with mom was looooooooooots of fun.  yup.

MY plans for the day looked like this:
Children's Museum (picnic lunch)
Home for naps and for the a/c repair guy to do his thing
Quick shopping trip to pick up a new backpack for Libbers
fancy dinner, bubbly baths, early bedtime.

Not a bad day!  However my plans did not come to fruition.  Not one bit.  But I had great opportunities to reflect on my expectations, chat with my kids about the sovereignty of God, wipe my tears and remember that Libby's childhood is not shaped by the day before the first day of school, and be thankful anyway.  PLUS, I was greatly blessed by friends and family.  God was so kind to me.

Our real day went more like this:
Load into the van and find that it won't start.  (BIG disappointment.)
FINALLY it started.
Praise the Lord!
Plans change:  to go to mechanic after the children's museum.
Stop for gas.
Van won't start.  rats.  it's hot outside.
Van starts.
Praise the Lord.
Plans change:   go to mechanic first, home for a/c repair guy, THEN children's museum.
Take kids to grandma Anna's; she graciously babysits them so P can nap while I'm getting van fixed.
A new battery goes into the van and we're good as new.
RATS.  my money is in the diaper bag at Anna's.
We work it out.
I talk to Anna; we decide I will go backpack shopping now, and pick the kids up after the a/c guy is done.
I get to the store, 20 minutes away, RATS.  I still don't have my money.
I shop anyway, putting my choice on hold for later.
I go home, sit with a/c guy, busy myself while he (well, they) work.  They work for 4 hours.
I realize we do not have time to go the museum, which closes at 5.
I'm discouraged.
My hubby saves the day and suggests dinner at the Amazing Pizza Machine.
I prepare to leave.
I have someone at the door.
My sweet friend came by!
We chat, she encourages me.
My sweet friend comes by!  Another one!  She has a care package for me to help me survive the first day of school.  I cry.  I'm blessed.
I go to the garage, ready to go get my kids and take them for pizza and fun.
My van starts!
Praise the Lord!
I pick up my kids, take them to the Amazing Pizza Machine, find that somehow, my money was still NOT in my bag, but still at grandma's house.  Rats.
The kids and I sit and wait for 30 minutes until Brian arrives.  He didn't get out of work early.  Rats.
but THEN, then, then the fun did begin.

And real quick, I must point out that while the day was full of disappointment, it was also so full of encouragement. God is so good to provide for us, time and again, for our physical needs and spiritual.  Though the day did not look the way I wanted it to (perfect) it was a perfect day nonetheless; full of reminders of our dependence on our all knowing, unchanging God who cares deeply for us - and with great built in opportunities for me to discuss these things with my kids.  *love*

Romans 8:28 
And we know that for those who love God, 
all things work together for good, 
for those who are called according to his purpose.

Without further ado, here are some pics from our evening at the Pizza Machine.  A really fun place that we would love to visit again, when we have more time!

(there's a cartoon playing on the wall - the whole wall - behind me...)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

.f.i.r.s.t. .d.a.y. .o.f. . K.I.N.D.E.R.G.A.R.T.E.N!.

March 5, 2005 at 5:10 in the morning, a sweet Elisabeth Adelaide was put into my arms and her daddy and I have not been the same since.  She's a blessing far greater than we've ever deserved and we delight in our time with her.  SO, I suppose it isn't surprising that August 11, 2010 I had mixed feelings about letting her go. But, there are those of you who have been there, and you know all about it.  And there are those of you who haven't, and you can well imagine it.  So, instead of a pouring out of my soul, let me share with you a little recap of the day that Miss Libby Lou first went to kindergarten.  :)  fun day.
The backpack packed, dress and shoes laid out, when she went to bed the night before, Libby was "ready" for school.  Thanks to some hard work behind the scenes, her 24 pencils were sharpened and returned to their box.  That part, incidentally, was not as fun as I remember it from 4th grade.
When she woke, Libby cuddled with me for a bit.  After she was showered, dressed and styled for her big day she headed out to the kitchen waffles.  Her first little surprise awaited her. . .

i must say, i'm really thrilled about the way our new "my special day" slip cover turned out, and my kindergarten baby was pretty excited about it, too.  :)  "aw, mom!  you SEWED that for ME?"  And I know at least one of you will recognize her plate...and remember the fun day we stamped those little feet.  *sigh*

after breakfast we headed out for some traditional "front porch" shots.

and the side shot, to model her backpack.

okay, we then loaded up and headed to school.  by the time she graduates to middle school, i'll drive her to school another 1079 times. and then some.  what a privilege. 
outside the school we gathered with Libby's class on "the blacktop."  the rest of the school did the same, moms shedding tears, dads taking pictures, kids aglow.  the band played us a lively tune.

these two share a special love.  daddy and his girl.

and then it happened.  the band started in with "when the saints go marching in."  the kids began to line up.  it was time to march forth!

token smile from the girl in polka dots.  i love that girl.  she doesn't look as confident as the dude in sunglasses.  but maybe those are to hide his hesitation. .  .?

and now this is a shame.  she turned, she smiled, she waved at her family, and i captured a blurry picture.  a moment later she was in the school and we were on our way.  just like that. *sigh*

From there, Xander and Phoebe and I did some shopping, some baking, some playing, and before we knew it we were heading back to school to get our lovely libby.  we were so anxious we were 20 minutes early.  :)

and here she is, post first day!!  the smile is more genuine than her hesitant ones at the front door...

and there's my girl.  all smiles, beautiful libby.  let's get some sonic!

and let's call daddy and tell him all about it!

and when he got home, he joined us for baked ziti, libby's favorite dinner ever (after Panda Express, but when  I specified that I wanted to know her favorite meal that I make, it was ziti  :)  and finished the day with rainbow frosted cupcakes.  they were pretty excited about the cupcakes.  what a special day.

and then, she got a candle on top.  and so did xander.  my kids love having a candle in their food.  as we do with sprinkles, we indulge the burning of candles.  because, why not?  if you don't put sprinkles on your pancakes and candles in your lasagna, you're missing out!  live it up!  :)

and then it seemed silly not to sing, if we were blowing out candles and everything.  so we did.  "happy first day to you, happy first day to you, happy first day dear libby.... happy first day to YOU!"  and just like that, we established a new tradition.  firstday parties.  *love*

the guy loves some ziti.  and he got to blow out his candle.  what a good end to the day!

but there's more!  another first - libby harvested our first home grown produce!

and another first!

at the end of the day we opened some presents, took a bath, and collapsed exhausted in our beds.  at least some of us did, and some of us are about to.  it was a fun day, a hard day, a good day, praise be to the Lord.  He was so gracious to Libby today to allow everything to go so perfectly.  after a day like yesterday (yesterday most certainly did NOT go perfectly) i am reminded to be thankful for little things, like a smoothly executed day, as well as the big things, like a beautiful girl who is growing up to be a fine little lady, who is such a joy that she is dearly missed when she is gone, who brings more life and warmth to our home when she returns, who is embarking upon a most exciting season of her life, and i get to call her my own, as she has been entrusted to my man and me by the great God who made her.  you did a great job today libbs.  i love you, sweet girl.  i praise God i get to be here to help you learn and grow, and i pray you do so most of all in the ways of the Lord.  <3

p.s.  thanks to my girls for thinking of us today.  i was so encouraged by your calls, texts, messages, care packages, and distractions.  you're the best!

Friday, August 06, 2010

as they say, lol

okay.  testing something here.  but in the meantime, i'll tell you a funny story and show you a funny picture. 

Life is not all berries for Libby and Xander, who occasionally "bother" one another, as we say.  They have started to disagree, and from time to time I hear "is not, is too, is not, is too" and the like.  I remember those days.  Sometimes we would shorten that to "snot, stew, snot, stew" just to keep it interesting. 

Anyway, one particular morning, rollin' in my swagger wagon (oh how i love that video), i hear it.  "No it's not, yes it is, not it's not, yes it is, no it's not..."  I decided to lay low.  Let them sort it out.  Ya know.  Welllllllllll, sort it out they did, when Xander rollllllllllllllllllllllled his eyes super dramatically (somehow I caught that in the rear view, don't judge) and said, "Wibb, I fink I'm really getting tired of this."

Naturally, I ducked out of view and snickered to myself.  A moment later Libby busted out laughing.  I love that she gets a kick out of him, too.  :)  

Now for the picture.  What fun is a blog post without a picture?  Not much.  So here it is, via my mom.  My kids on a ride at a kids' amusement park that they frequented while spending their week with grammy and grandad.  It makes me laugh because I think they couldn't look more ho hum about the ride.  ha!  And notice Xander's shiner.  That was about 2 weeks post incident.  The incident being Xander coming face to face with a croquet mallet.  boo.