Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The blog gives you a chance to see Libby grow, but you can't hear her! What fun we have discussing matters with her, explaining everything to her, and listening to her own little explanations. Though you can't hear her little voice, her intonations and excitment and curiosity and expression, you can at least imagine. Below are some of Libby's latest:

what for? what for? and sometimes, for what? this is one of libby's favorite questions. her own version of "why." she is constantly asking where, when, what for, etc. She has clearly entered the stage of questioning everything. So, she gets explanations for everything from laws, to airplane mechanics, to wedding rituals, to scripture, to why lucy pulled the football away from charlie brown when he ran to kick it.

other conversations from the past 36 hours:
Uncle Daniel: Libby, whose shoes are these?
Libby: Those daddy's shoes. . . . . . . and sometimes Libby's.

Mama: okay honey, once again, we are in a hurry, we need to get going so you need to come to mama to get your shoes on.
Libby: where are we going?
Mama: we're going to a nice lady's house to eat lunch with aunt lucy and uncle dan and aunt wendy and (listing all the family who will be there)...
Libby: again?!
Mama: yes, again.
Libby: wooooow. that a lot of people.

Mama: cooking dinner and zipping around the kitchen getting ready to eat and run to a meeting
Libby: up please, busy bee.
Mama: who are you calling "busy bee"?!
Libby: i call mama "busy bee." up please, mama busy bee!
(30 minutes later when daddy gets home)
Libby: daddy, i call mama "busy bee." ha ha ha ha ha
(fyi- we don't refer to each other as busy bee. we call bees "busy bee". apparently, she made the leap and decided mama was buzzing around the kitchen like a busy bee!)

Daddy: resting his arm on libby's car seat in the cramped airplane
Libby: daddy, your arm on libby's seat! move your arm off libby's seat!
Daddy: libby, please can i rest my arm on your seat?
Libby: no, daddy. you have your own seat!
Daddy: (and mama chuckling) libby, daddy doesn't have much room to rest his arm, and your seat is very big, but you are not very big. would it be okay for daddy to rest his arm on your seat?
Libby: (big sigh.) libby says yeah

Mama and Daddy: after a loooooong weekend, laughing about something (probably something libby said)
Libby: mama, don't laugh. actually, daddy, don't laugh. when you laugh it really hurts my ears.

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