Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Latest Trip to the Museum

The children's museum has been remodeled and the new version is even more grand than the original. We went with friends Brittany and Hudson a couple of weeks ago. Hudson is 16 months and he and Libby played pretty independently, and I didn't get any pics of the 2 of them - bummah. Next time. But you can see from the pics below that Libby had lots of fun. There's a new firetruck themed area (she's driving below) as well as a water "park" equipped with squirters and floaty toys (lots of fun) and a new 2-story play house, decked out with all the essentials.

start 'er up! we've got a fire at the mall!
(she actually told me the fire was at the mall)

grandpa larry can attest, libby is a born driver. it's not hard to tell she's thrilled to be behind the wheel. a couple nights ago she managed to get grandpa to give her a personal tour of his jeep and daddy's car, and libby was quick to buckle up (in the driver's seat) and ask him for the keys!

here she practices putting the fire out on this house.

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