Saturday, September 02, 2006

Libby takes Alabama and Florida

Why look at daddy with these much more interesting creatures approaching?

Here we are, at the Birminham Zoo, offering you the first of our long awaited august photos. Libby visited Alabama and Florida for the first time in her little life, taking her 22nd flight to get back home one late august evening. It was our chance to celebrate daddy and his accomplishments in graduating from law school,
taking the bar exam, and beginning his job as a real life attorney.
We had a really great time visiting Beth and her husband Brent when we first arrived in the South. Libby enjoyed their dog (woooh, woooh, woooh) Sadie, and hopefully didn't give her cold (which she developed our first night in Alabama) to Beth who is expecting a little one in January.

Soon after we got home after a nice week away, mama tried to upload photos and get blogging, but unfortunately our computer up and died. It's now repaired and I'm back at it. But, many of our photos are in a weird format on our memory card so I can only offer what we've got. Hopefully soon we can take it to a camera shop and retrieve the rest of our pictures,
because I'm sure you'll all be misssing them.

By the way, we found out this morning that daddy passed his bar exam and will be admitted to the State of Nebraska Bar in a couple of weeks! YAY!
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