Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some Summer Fun

after her parents returned from their days away in kansas city, libby was in a silly and giddy happy mood. here she models some new jammies and her sunglasses from uncle mason.

aunt em spent the night a couple of weeks ago and had the honor of reading libby's bedtime stories.

happy birthday grandpa!

libby's first day of swimming lessons. she looks a bit hesitant, but she was really excited to get into the water. she took to it like a little fish (swish, swish, swish), though she now reminds us that "i don't really like to go under water."

here she is posing with her buddy hudson 2 weeks later. they've finished their final lesson and congrats!- both have passed! libby now enjoys floating on her back and swimming on her tummy (she prefers her tummy) and while swimming on her tummy she can kick her legs, paddle her arms, and blow bubbles in the water. Of course, mama holds her by her tummy for safekeeping, but she does really well. And see how tan she has gotten? She takes to the sun like her daddy and mama used to, before we grew up and got office jobs or decided we enjoy shade and air conditioning...

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