Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lunch for Us and the Ducks

This morning we went to a downtown park for a picnic with Brittany and Hudson. We enjoyed our lunch in the grass overlooking the lake and fountain (see foreground in picture below) and then fed some ducks and fish (the fish were often faster than the ducks at claiming the bread). Mama captured a few cute pictures and some nice ladies passing by snapped a few for us as well.

what a fun shot of the bread flying through the air! and look at libby's follow-through on her throw, she's got great shooter's form already. perhaps a basketball player someday? (by the way, for those who haven't seen her lately, libby had a recent growth spurt and has gained almost 2 inches since her 2nd birthday in March. She's now just under 38 inches tall.)

see the duck? we started with just one but after a few minutes, many more joined in the feeding frenzy.

at one point she even yelled, "hooray for running! hooray!......." and we sweating (glowing) pregnant women pushing strollers and hiking up a hill couldn't manage to agree, but we did appreciate her energy and running ability.

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