Friday, February 22, 2008

On a Roll

Yesterday was a busy day for we three in the house, and I decided that a nap was imperative. For all 3 of us. Well, in the 20 minutes leading up to our naps Libby was on a roll. She was truly hilarious. I only wish you could hear her voice and intonation. Come visit so you can!

Just to set the scene I should explain that I have been painting Libby and Xander's bathroom. So, to protect the toilet, the tank was covered by a garbage bag.
M&L: eating lunch
L: gets up to go potty
M: eating lunch
L: shouting from the bathroom What in the world?!
M: thinking: did she just say what in the world? she surely didn't. maybe was that someone outside?
L: What in the world?!
M: thinking: yep, I think that was her...
L: comes back into the kitchen. What in the world mom? How am I supposed to flush that toilet in there?!

a few minutes later...
The two of us were laying in her bed reading a book. Mama skipped the title page of the book.
L: Wait a minute mama. Let me see what you skipped.
M: I didn't skip any of the story. I just skipped the title page, it says, "........".
L: Are you kidding me? You have GOT to be kidding me. That's what it says? This must be a joke. Is this a joke?
M: trying to hold laughter in
L: picking up on mama's giggles This must be a joke. Are you joking? Is this a joke, etc.

And though this is sad and somewhat pathetic, I can't remember the 3rd funny conversation. There was another! But here are 2 for now and if it comes to me I'll add it later. Have a great weekend! Family, I hope you're getting your chilies perfected. The competition is stiff!

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