Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Outtakes with Barnabas


It's been a while, but here are some recent photos of Barnabas. He is growing! And, he is growing into a more enjoyable dog by my standards, as he settles down more each day, and strives to master housebreaking. He recently graduated from his "manners and more" puppy training class; he has demonstrated his mastery of "sit" and "down" and his understanding and frequent obedience (still working) of "come", "leave it" and "drop it". He also "shakes" and gives the occassional "high five."

In the past couple of days we have noticed Barnabas mature into a much calmer dog (is he sick?!) and though he is not getting any smaller he decided within these same couple of days that he'd like to be a lapdog. These pictures show him on Brian's lap, a place Barnabas hasn't been since he was an 8 pound new baby, rather than a 30 pound 4-month-old. And to her chagrin, Barnabas doesn't sit in Libby's lap, but as you can see, they're still pals. She loves her puppy; regardless of her mood or what she's up to, when Barnabas enters a room she lights up and says in her sweetest voice, "hiiiii Ba-ba-bas" (sometimes several times, as she waits for his reply).

Libby has also demonstrated her capacity as big sister; Barnabas is providing her with some practice. This past week I called Barnabas to "come" and he continued to sit and look at me. Libby found this disobedience to be intolerable! She stood next to him and said, "Ba-ba-bas, go! Go to mama! Go! Okie, Libby help you." and proceeded to boost him up onto all 4s and give him a push in the right direction. He did come! And, today, as Aunt Wendy left the house after her morning babysitting, Libby and Barnabas watched from the front door. Libby waved and spoke to her pal, "Okie, Ba-ba-bas. Watch Aunt Weh-ee go bye-bye. Now wave! Blow kisses! Ba-ba-bas, you're not looking at Aunt Weh-ee! (she moves his head in the right direction) Now wave bye-bye Aunt Weh-ee! Blow kisses!" Posted by Picasa

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