Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From the Eye of Uncle Jon

Party day just doesn't lend itself to freedom to photograph, when you're the mama throwing the party. What a blessing it was to celebrate on Saturday, when Daddy could join us, and Grandpa and Grandma and Aunts Sarah and Emily and Uncle Jon. I really really appreciated having all the extra help. I did the best I could to document the festivities, but Uncle Jon took several more, and here are some fragments in time that he captured from behind his lens.

I can't help but comment... I mean, that's just what I do, right? And after all, it is a blog. So here's my comment on this pic. I love that Xander's curious and getting in on the action. He doesn't really know the joy of receiving gifts, nor does he care for princesses, but he knew in his heart of hearts, there was a reason all kiddos gathered around his big sister at this moment. Let me see!

Clearly, Uncle Jon didn't take this picture. Thanks to whoever did. :)

Now, from what I could gather, Maren didn't necessarily appreciate the dual ride on the elephant, and Xander didn't necessarily have a clue.

a princess moment

love those hands

here's full frontal of the cake.

and the table, fit for a king. even though i toppled the tulips and broke the pretty pink vase moments before the royal guests arrived. . .

And now these photos are not from Libby's birthday party, and in fact they're mostly from Thanksgiving/Christmas. Quite some time ago indeed. But we found them on Jon's camera and nabbed them for their greatness.

Em and Libbs sharing giggle time with dad/grandpa.

two silly libby faces. the girl loves to make silly faces. i like that about her.

and a natural sweet face

look how X has grown since thanksgiving. but doesn't he look dapper in his little sweater and cords?

and this is totally xander. drinking milk or sucking his thumb, and rubbing his belly. right on the button. cute as a button.

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