Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Turns FOUR!

It's official, my baby is 4. Unbelievable! Thursday, March 5 was the big day, and after Libby woke to a balloon and streamer filled bedroom, we celebrated with donuts for breakfast, later, dinner out with Aunt Brett, followed by presents. I was told she would never forget it, it was the best day of her life. Though she hasn't corrected herself, I have to think Saturday trumped the birthday, since we partied with the best of them and had a fantastic time.

It was a princess and butterfly party, and Libby invited royalty from across the land to come celebrate with her. The ladies wore their finest princess party attire, and the prince was here to charm them.

I posted a handful of pictures in reverse order, starting with birthday and ending with Saturday's party. I have more great pics of the birthday girl, and if I find time, I'll post them for you as well. :) Could I be more noncommittal?

xander. love him.

after the party, uncle jon plays prince for aunt em and libby

her royal friends sing happy birthday to libby

another shot with the cake because she's just so cute. she really did love her cake, and her party in general. i've been thanked no less than 10 times since the big event. which is pretty sweet. :)

you might notice the kids eating "fruit on sticks." that was a must-have, according to the bday girl, after she first experienced such exquisite dining at her friend Emiliana's party.

libby with her cake. there are a couple things in this picture that i love about libby. first, the way she posed with her foot up on the chair. second, the fact that she's holding her lovie. i love you so much elisabeth adelaide!

this is maybe the only picture i got with each and every party participant. not too shabby...

family photo with the birthday princess

butterflies make the birthday girl beam

"okay, now let's take one that shows our rings!" she was really thrilled that she and aunt brett had matching pink rings on that day. and, aunt brett saved the day when she went back to the restaurant to retrieve the ring which was accidentally left behind on a messy table...

taking a picture with aunt brett. notice the amazingly huge smile on my birthday girl's face. :)

xander loved his "byooh". in fact, he loved it so much that he wouldn't eat his dinner, because he'd rather devote all attention to his byooh.

enjoying her yummy birthday dessert

another freakishly huge smile :)


N&B J said...

That's one extraordinarily clean table in the first pic. Great recap. She's cute. We love her too.

Jessica's Little Women said...

Awwww, she's so adorably precious! I miss seeing her in children's church! You guys should come down south.

Her cake is glorious. Simply breathtaking! Kate wants a princess birthday, too. Any tips? Hard to believe, but even with four girls this will be our first princess theme!

You are so blessed to have family in town.