Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Going to Color Now

Yesterday morning, Libby woke up and crept out to the kitchen. The sleep hadn't yet worn off and though I used my most chipper voice and welcomed her to the morning, she could only grin and squint her eyes. I finally asked her the same question we ask every morning, "how did you sleep?" Her response as she climbed up to the kitchen table, "Pretty well. I'm going to color now." And with that her day had begun. Folks, this girl loves to color. By mid-afternoon she was still wearing jammies (we were staying in all day, why not?) and had colored up such a storm that I interrupted her play-doh session to pose her in front of the sofa with just some of the pictures she has colored in the past week. Yes, some, yes, in a week. This compilation does not include all the pictures she has given away, such as those sent to Aunt Brett in thanks for babysitting while we were on vacation. Brett, how many pictures were in the gift bag, no less than 10? In fact, to drive the point home, Aunt Brett bought Libby some new crayons while we were gone because it had become time to replace crayons that she had used up. Have you ever heard of a kid using up an entire crayon? Not breaking it or losing it, but using it all up (she uses the twisty kind) and needing it replaced.

As you can see from the sofa display, some of her masterpieces remain in the coloring books, some of them are torn out and prented to mama or daddy, and many of them get cut out, scrapbook style. Also, you can't see in the picture, but immediately behind her to the left are her play-doh creations of the day, and behind her to the right are two pictures that she painted after lunch. This girl loves her arts and crafts.

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April said...

SUCH a cute picture!!!