Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Horse and Pony Show

Weeks ago, it's been weeks, Emiliana and Isaac joined us for another day of play, and we had another fabulous time. Mama had the delight of watching the three big kids interact (and intervening now and then) and the kids had the pleasure of a beautiful day at the "Kennedy Ranch."

Isaac, Libby and Emiliana scale the fence for a better view.

Libby sits. She had no interest in riding, it is too dangerous. BUT, she was easily convinced that she should consider posing for a picture so daddy could see her on the horse.

Michele showed us a good time. I wish I could remember the horse's name... it's something like Lightning, or Reflex, or something... anyone remember?

Emiliana poses so mommy can see.

Libby loved petting the horse's muzzle. Is that the right word? It's velvety soft, we were both impressed with this fact. She would have been happy to stand and rub him all morning long.

No, those are not riding boots. So, who can blame her if she didn't wanna go for a little trot?
Isaac on a ride.

Time to put Twitch (again, not right...) away. Libby, Isaac, Kate, Jack and Emiliana got to rub him and give him a treat. He has aggressive lips.

As an added bonsu, here's a picture of the kiddos playing on the swings during another day-o-fun. No, we don't have a horse in our backyard, but the swings, slide, and picnic lunch seemed to satisfy. :)

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