Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Aunt Em Turns 9

Not so long ago, a young girl met a young boy and they fell in love... fast forward a few years, and that couple has a son who heads off to college. Soon, college boy meets college girl, and they fall in love. College boy takes college girl to meet his family, and college boy has a baby sister. College girl falls in love with baby sister too, she's only 4 months old when they first meet. Fast forward again. Baby sister has turned 9 and college boy and college girl have 2 kids who were invited to the party. Here's how it all went down. . .

Grandpa Larry took Libby for a spin in his oh-so-fast car.

the girls drank plenty of blue slushie. libby and xander and i did not.

xander met little josh, who is actually big josh, who was born the same day as xander.

xander stayed up way past his bedtime, but was a real trooper. grandpa larry kept him happy.

hannah montana made a guest appearance. actually, she made quite a few.

"i tell ya mom, i'm not a very good golfer."

i pose with none other than hannah. we share the same initials.

cake on their faces and they still look adorable.

xander bids josh farewell.

libby eats more dinner (you're right, that's cake).

aunt sarah helped libby learn her go huskers pose.




"I really liked it when I jumped in the bouncy thing like the big girls. I jumped reeeeeally high. I was pretty proud of myself!"

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