Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Portrait of a Barns

Almost 2 years ago we started shopping around for a puppy to bring home for Christmas. I had plenty of dos and don'ts, a list a mile long of what i would and would not allow a dog to bring to this family. The top three criteria were: must be a perfect angel with kids, NO shedding, not too big.

Well, i got 2 of my wishes. Most of you have seen him, and it doesn't take long to realize that he's a big dog (all 62 pounds of him). But he's the sweetest and lovingest pal to the kids. He will do anything for Libby (he obeys every one of her commands on first call, eagerly... it might be because she's quite generous with the treats), adores Xander and loves to be hugged/tackled by the little man, and lives for Xander's mealtime which allows him to eat food thrown to the floor for his benefit and then an extra course after Xander is removed from his seat and "shaken down." And, he doesn't shed. Plus, if you haven't noticed, he's very very cute. So, we'll keep him. :)

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