Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!

The day Libby was born, I decided that birthdays are a joke. I resolved then and there that one year from that day, when Libby had a birthday, we would celebrate me rather than her. :) I mean really, what did she do that wondrous March 5? At that point, I thought when March 5 came around it should be a mama appreciation day. However.... March 5ths have come and gone and they've been all about the beautiful little lady who made her appearance before the sun came up on a sleepy snowy day in a beautiful mountain town. Likewise, August 14 has been about me (rather than about my mom, who, according to my earlier sentiment, should have been showered by my appreciation just last week) and this year proved to be no exception. So, thank you mom for everything you endured to deliver your most beautiful and wonderful, brilliant, generous, kind, loving (oh i could go on and on), humble child. And thanks for helping to make my bday great!

Of course, my lovebugs made my day special as well. I awoke to roses, and an anxious Libby presenting me with gifts that she and Xander and daddy had specially picked out for me. She was thrilled with the bracelet she got me, and still is. She was so sweet and thoughtful about it. She specifically wanted to get me a bracelet that was stretchy, because one of her dance teachers had "a bracelet on her ankle and i just thought that you would like to have a bracelet on your ankle too, so this one is stretchy and you can wear it on your wrist or on your ankle." Mom and Dad took the kids and me out to lunch, and then we met up with my wonderful hubby for dinner. The picture above is of Libby and Daddy at the restaurant. Xander was originally in the picture, but I had to crop him out because trust me, he was too covered in whatever food I had been feeding him and he looked quite orange and disgusting. Not even cute disgusting, just dirty. :)

After we got home we put the little guy to bed and enjoyed some german chocolate cake (my favorite) that Libby and Daddy baked and frosted while I was out the night before. It was a fun surprise (that saved mom time, and saved me from having to bake my own cake. :)

So, it was a very fun day that merged into a very fun weekend. And all the glory goes to our great God, for his mercy and grace and will to sustain me for yet another year. I praise Him!

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