Sunday, August 03, 2008

Zoo Dayz

When was this... I don't know. It's been too long since I blogged and sorted through photos. One fine Saturday morning, in July, Aunt Sarah, Daddy, L&X and I headed to the zoo. It was fun. And we had the biggest ice creams ever.

I'm thinking a brilliant photographic visionary would have had me pucker up and kiss that elephant right on the noggen. But, we didn't think of that. Still, I liked this pic.

Inside the new butterfly pavilion there is a huuuge beehive. Brian's face says it all, and Libby can't help but notice all the bees coming and going through that tube by daddy's arm. Fascinating.

These are the butterflies that are yet to be. I think they're the first cocoons I've ever seen in real life. Pretty cool.

Inside the pavilion.

Outside the pavilion (behind the guys).

We were sure to hit feeding time for the sea lions and were quite impressed by the enormity and intelligence of Dino, this big guy. He's reportedly over 900 pounds. You can't put his size into perspective until he glides out of that pool and onto the sidewalk for his late lunch. The sea lions in the background are so much littler!

Here, Dino performs to earn his fish. He obeyed several commands, similar to a dog, prior to getting each bite. I didn't get the picture, but he even offered up a big smile at one point. I like him. And have I mentioned that we have the best zoo? It's really a great one, and we're so blessed to live so close and be able to take the kids there for fun, relatively easy, educational outings. You should come visit and we'll take you to the zoo.

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