Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Birthday Cake

Christmas is a special time for our family to celebrate the birth of Christ, and in this household, one way we celebrate birthdays, is with cake. :)

On Christmas Eve, the four of us baked a cake. We decided on chocolate (it wasn't a difficult decision) and even Xander got to participate in baking for the first time. I was surprised to find that he actually knew some of what we would be doing. For instance, he really wanted to pour things into the bowl. I didn't let him, :), but I was impressed that he'd been watching me nonetheless.

Christmas morning, after we'd opened gifts and before we had pancakes for breakfast, we decorated the cake for Jesus. A week or so beforehand, I asked Libby how she thought we should decorate the cake. What would we do to make the cake special to celebrate the birth of Jesus? She said, "show his glory." I thought that sounded perfect, and I'm so thankful for Libby's teachable heart, and that the Glory of God is what comes to mind when we think on him. And, we decided the best way we could show his glory was with lots and lots of colorful tasty beautiful candy toppings. :)

Libby takes her work very seriously.

There are several varieties of sparkly colorful sprinkles (piled on pretty thick) as well as glittery gel frosting. If I could have found more sparkly glittery shiny glorious treats to top the cake with, we probably would have.

I topped the cake with his name in white, and we were pretty excited about the outcome. No, it's nothing close to the glory of Jesus. But, we gave him all the glory for it anyway.

Finally, that evening we joined family for our fourth Christmas celebration. (there was even yet another to come.) Here, Libby and Em sit before the cake just after singing Happy Birthday to You (dear Jesus!). And, it tasted delicious. An added bonus!

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