Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Awwwwwww. Poor little man!

So, my little man is sick. Well, he was sick, but he's almost all better. By tomorrow morning I expect him to be really, basically, totally better. But the little guy got a cold, and it presented in his eyes. They got all gooey and yucky, and while the whites of his eyes remained white, he got beet red bags under them, and his sensitive skin even got raw from the moisture and rubbing, and he was a sad, sad case. But, remarkably, kids are so incredible while sick, aren't they? Aside from crying when I tried to clean his face, you'd never know he was uncomfortable. He was the perfect patient at his doctor's visit on Monday, entertaining and impressing our stand in (Dr. K has Monday's off... timely.) and he actually giggled when the doc told us he had an ear infection (in each ear). What kind of a baby finds a doctor entertaining when he's bearing the bad news? mine. I just wanna smooch him. But I won't cause he's sleeping in bed right now. But look at him. I took some pictures Monday morning, and he even looked worse later in the day. (See our family picture taken Monday evening, it's shown a couple of posts down on this page...) He's all baggy eyed and could hardly open them up, but he's still sweet and silly and smiley. Lord, thank you for blessing our family with Alexander Elliot. What a blessing he has been to so many! And thank you for healing him of this yuckiness!

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Ernie, Michelle and Emmy said...

Awww, hope he's feeling much better! I've got a case of the yucky's too! Hope his ear infections are gone soon!