Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Carter Rex

We were delighted to have our friends, and old housemates come for a visit over the weekend. Casey and Brian brought their little Carter Rex. He and Xander had met before, so they're old buds by now. I only got one picture, and this is it. X has his hand in his mouth, bummer, but look at C. Could he be any cuter?! He's almost 9 months old, if you're wondering the age difference between them. X is almost 15 (you should know that....). AND, Xander made cruising around the room look so fun that Carter did his first full fledged hands and knees crawling right before our very eyes. It was very exciting, but how could he not? Xander wasn't going to wait up for him, and while he already moved around the room in a super cute belly flop sort of fashion, he'll be so much more efficient on the 4s. :) Thanks for the visit, dear friends! Looking forward to your return to the big city. Maybe you can move into your dream house across the way and we'll be neighbors, unless I claim it before you get a chance... ;)

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