Friday, January 02, 2009

End of the Year Reruns

Okay, here are some of our end of the year shots showing some of our Christmas prep and celebrations. I have to say "some" because I still have pictures on my camera... and my camera isn't at home with me, so I'm posting what I have. I need to give my faithful viewers something new, right? So, here ya go. In reverse order, from Christmas Eve to the weekend before...

As usual, we didn't remember to get everyone rounded up for a big family photo, but we did our best to photograph the kiddos with gma and gdad before they left town.

(yes, i said these were in reverse order and they are. we actually got the good one on the first try, then xander got bored and started entertaining the crowd, leaning from libby to grandad, looking for their attention.)

doug, sandy, kelsey, grandad, grandma, aunt brett, uncle mason... joining us for the weekend (and beyond) and mexican food this particular night

libby likes grandma's punch, and she likes serving it up for everyone else (who wouldn't?)

barnabas is such a good and handsome boy (and especially when he's hoping for a treat)

the kiddos are ready...

if the overturned bowl and guilty face don't clue you in to his shenanigans,
let barnabas's lowered head be the last piece of the puzzle...

libby put together quite an outfit, with a fuzzy pink sweater,
a fancy tutu, and aunt brett's new wellies

xander begins to open his first present of the season

a big box of crayons will put a big smile on a little girl's face

opening presents, and in the back left corner, typical xander.
feet on the floor is SO boring.

daddy took libby sledding. it was a fun time.

this was the "before" shot. we meant to take an "after" shot too. you know, with pink noses and snow in hair. but when they got home they stripped off the cold snowy clothes before we remembered our original plan.

2008 stockings hung by the chimney with care.
i later put the nose on the snowman on x's stocking too...

since elisabeth is an avid painter, colorer, crafter... and i prefer simple wrapping with cute details, it seemed natural to let libby paint our paper this year... she agreed.

brown paper packages tied up with strings

grandad, you didn't get to keep the paper, but here's a picture of the
masterpiece in progress. :)

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