Thursday, November 15, 2007

Libby changes baby Jane's diaper, for probably the 5th time that day. She really enjoys caring for her dolls, and changes diapers routinely, even telling me about how stinky or wet or clean and dry each diaper was. Later, she'll help me fold the laundry in the basket behind her. Truly, she's gifted in folding - she gets that from her daddy. The two of them should take the task and make it their own. :)

In an attempt to make dinner, I put Xander in his papasan and Barns quickly joined him for a nap on the floor. I thought it was a cute scene so I took some different pictures of the two of them. Barnabas is so big! He is doing well with Xander. It took him some time to get over the "newness" of having our baby in the house - Barnabas wanted to sniff him any chance he got. But, he now leaves our little one alone (for the most part, occasionally I catch him approaching) but is interested in being near him. Aside from being twice the size that we expected him to be, he does have the personality we expected from a labradoodle. Barnabas is very much a people-pleaser. He wants to be near us at every moment, and that includes the kids, as you can see.

This was the next day. I put Xander in his papasan so I could shower and just after I put him down I heard a very loud sloppy sucking sound. The binkie is behind his hand, and he has found his thumb. Which is the lesser of the two evils, I do not know! But, I left it at that and he was asleep in no time.

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