Thursday, November 15, 2007

First Smiles

Tuesday afternoon my little guy was very wakeful and preventing me from getting anything really accomplished around the house, so I gave up and played with him. Look at my reward. As soon as I sat down with him on my lap and gazed into his eyes with a big, "hi there Xander" his whole face lit up and he beamed. Of course, I then had to jump up and grab the camera and try to accomplish this feat again, and it was easy. These are pictures of his 5th or 6th smiles, and they do not do him justice. It's very difficult to photograph and baby's smile. He won't smile at the camera of course, but responds to mama's voice and eye contact, so I have to manage to solicit a big grin and then magically capture it by clicking my right index finger while not looking into the viewfinder. These were the best I could do for now. Of course, we might have more and better pictures to show as practice does make perfect, and Libby and I now have a new favorite past-time that involves high pitched candy sweet voices and big bright eyes fawning over our little man.

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