Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fun at Home

Aunt Brett and Aunt Sarah came to spend the weekend with us. Aunt Sarah and daddy worked on Thanksgiving dinner and mama noticed Libby had convinced Aunt Brett to do some building (it probably didn't take much arm twisting), and our adoring little pup Barns wanted to sit and watch construction.

Last night at bedtime Libby asked if she could hold Xander. As we were getting ready to take a picture I saw Libby carefully and seriously giving Xander his binkie. She's always so concerned about him.

Look how big he looks on her. It must be the angle, because he's not that big - though he is getting so big! He's grown so long, I still need to measure, but I know he's too long to wear his 1 piece 0-3 month jammies. He's wearing some 6 month jammies here!

I love how tenderly she is looking at him and touching him here - but again, doesn't he seem so big?! See below for another perspective.

Xander and I cuddle on the loveseat. We love the way he positions his legs. You can't tell that easily, but he has one stretched out and one bent, and as I type this he's laying similarly but with his two arms up by his head. I love sleeping babies.

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