Thursday, September 09, 2010

last days

a few more photos.... i think i have some on my camera that i need to upload, but i'm too lazy to take care of that right now.  so here are the last ones from our time in florida - aside from the last last ones on my camera. :)

beautiful family!

okay, we did this one outside at sunset about 1 minute after it stopped raining, so the colors are a little ... golden, but they still look cute.  :)

p loves to swim.  and that's final.
and i'm so disgusted with myself.  because see her (new) little floatie?  yeah.  well those things are a dream come true, and i totally and completely forgot that we have one in the garage from when xander was her age.  why didn't i use it all summer with her?  because i forgot about it.  when we were at walmart i discovered that they were giving these away (in exchange for about $4) so i snagged one, which made our evening swims all the more enjoyable.  p looooved her little rides.  and i think her grin is because she's going fast and she's skinny dipping.  :o

brown eyed flower headed girl.

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Jaime said...

Congratulations Auntie!!! She is beautiful and what a fabulous job on these shots...they are wonderful. What a fun trip. Phoebe, by the way, is adorable. Kisses to her and to all the Meade babies and new cousin!