Sunday, September 05, 2010

day four

::  hello again from fLoRiDa  ::

ready for the day's report?  well here ya go!  Day 4, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

but first, a flashback to day 3.  Brett gave me this pic of the girls and I like it.  Phoebe checking Bentley makes me grin.  And she loves loves loves her new rice krispie treats.  Don't worry, they're organic. 

Now, back to the day at hand.  Saturday!  And Saturday was Husker game day, so naturally Phoebe dressed for the occasion.  Sadly, Bentley doesn't own Husker game day attire.  We shall have to remedy that, then.

e-gad, she is a cutie.

okay, so after parading around in her little cheerleader outfit, we ... shopped.  If there is something Bentley needs to know about her mama, auntie, and grandma, it's that we girls can shop with the best of them.  Yesterday was Bentley's first little shopping trip and that girl rocked it.  She was a picture of perfect behavior.  Phoebe, the same.  The girls know how to love us well.  See how they even power napped between our first and second stops?  Gems.

Okay, above.  So that picture is gray and cloudy, and that's because when we came outside and saw ducks behind Saks 5th Ave we I thought it curious and took a picture.  My camera lens fogged over from the heat/humidity.  Once you get past that, you notice the ducks.  And see clear in the back by the building?  They're caged.  Now why, we must ask, are their caged and loose ducks in the parking lot of an outlet mall on the back side of Saks?  That, my friends, I do not know.

Back at the ranch, Bentley and I delighted in our daily dose of snuggle time.  She's a dream.  Look at those little hands up by her cheeks.  I love a baby who knows how to sleep cute.

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