Sunday, September 05, 2010

day five

so, we went to the beach this morning.  it was, naturally, bentley's first time.  brett asked me to help photograph bentley for her birth announcement, and when i asked her if there was somewhere special that she'd like to have pictures taken, she didn't hesitate to mention the beach.  shaun's first loves include his girls and the beach, and it was natural to spend a morning hour there snapping pictures of cutie patootie.

step 1.  pat pat pat, go to sleep.

step 2.  snap snap snap!  shaun was good to run around taking pictures from a little further back.  i hogged the front-and-center position.  =/   but being not front and center, he got some really good pics of the whole scene.  

sometimes a girl needs to get a little sun. 
okay, no freaking out, we know this girl doesn't need sun.  :)  for you with concern, let me assure you that we shaded and covered that precious baby skin much of the time, but the Lord was also exceedingly kind to us in providing the cloud cover.  aren't they gorgeous as an added benefit?!

after taking photos of my precious niece in a breathtaking scene, i had hoped to take a few beauties of my little love bug.  ya know, she doesn't lay perfectly still...  and that's okay.  :)

down to the water for some splishy splashy

P, btw, was a gem during the photo shoot.  she chilled with aunt brett while shaun and i held blankets for shade, snapped pictures frantically when the sun went behind the clouds, repositioned bentley and the props, and did ya know, the stuff we needed to do.  brett and phoebe were perfectly patient.  thanks, girls.  :)

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