Thursday, September 02, 2010

Away We Go

We Meet Bentley, Day 1

Wednesday afternoon we (phoebe and I) kissed our loved ones goodbye and boarded Phoebe's first flight.  Our destination?  Sunny Florida.  Our purpose?  To meet Bentley Olyvia and enjoy the company of her parents. 

OMA to ATL - Phoebe's first flight.  God is so good; no one was seated next to us so Phoebe got her own little seat.  She was busy busy busy, climbing and playing and snacking and jumping and drinking and reading and giggling and snacking and purse digging and climbing and peeking with the passengers for two and a half hours, but a happy baby makes for happy everyone, so no complaints!  She was particularly fond of our flight attendant, Perry, who waved to her and peeked at her from all areas of the plane.  She hoped Libby didn't get one of those "crabbers" on her next flight.  :)

No worries about her next flight, because the sweet girl slept through the whole thing.  Atlanta to Ft. Myers at perfect snoozing altitude.  I enjoyed my opportunity to cuddle with her.  She is already far too big and independent to cuddle for hours on end.  That is a bit of a shame.  anyway...

after all the anticipation, the work in preparing, the 5.5 hours of travel... bentley.

Away we go!  

good-bye, Omaha!

complimentary in-flight beverage

fascinated by the seatbelts, etc.  the really good news is that those are all thoroughly cleaned, and regularly.

this is fun. 

i love her look.  :)

the tray table offered a nice new distraction.  that and toy, after toy, and snack, after snack, and book, and magazine, and flight attendant, and snack, and passenger, and binkie... i mean moms and dads, you can imagine juggling your 10 month old without getting up from your seat for 2.5 hours.  it was exhausting.  but good.  truly, it went well.  *blessing.* pics of a sleeping baby in flight.  but then......

here she is!
the girls already love sitting side-by-side.  for years to come they will enjoy doing that on picnic tables, below christmas trees, on the side of the pool, at the movies, in their hand-me-down honda odyssey, etc. etc. etc.

bentley olyvia, i'm so glad to have you.  we love you to pieces.

and you too, sister/mama/aunt

and that was a perfect end to a great day and the perfect beginning to a great week.


Pilgrim Family said...

look at alllllll that hair! precious!!! what a big girl Phoebe is! so glad you had a great time!!

one blessed mama said...

bentley has soooooo much hair! she doesn't resemble my babies in that way at all. :) we can't stop touching and playing with it!